WWE: Has Vince McMahon Just Acknowledged the Internet?

StarblaydeContributor IIJuly 18, 2011

He knows we exist!
He knows we exist!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This article contains MITB spoilers, just to warn you.

It's a well-documented fact that Vince McMahon doesn't really like the Internet. Whether it's the publication of dirt sheets, rumours or leaked footage, the upper echelons of the WWE don't have a lot of time for the Internet Wrestling Community.

A week before the Money In The Bank PPV, Vince was caught live on camera specifically pointing at a Zack Ryder sign in the crowd. Triple H, when asked about a push for Ryder because of all his fans, replied: "yeah, you and which other three guys?"

It's clear that although a fairly vocal community on the Internet have decided who their favourites are, it has very little to do with who is booked to win what.

Checking the results of Sunday nights' matches, you'd think that a member of the IWC had been involved in the booking team.

First, Daniel Bryan - for so long a favourite of the IWC due to his out-and-out wrestling ability - won the Smackdown! briefcase completely out of the blue (excusing the pun). Bryan has had a little more mic time of late, and now has Michael Cole calling him a 'nerd' every five seconds. He's clearly being given a face push, much to the IWC's contentment.

Second, Christian - another IWC hero, for various reasons - takes the World Heavyweight Championship by goading Randy Orton into DQing himself. The moment with the chair was particularly amusing, but why does WWE continue to push (and the fans continue to react positively to) a character with a violent mental illness as a face?

Finally, CM Punk wins the WWE Championship. Just to re-inforce that: CM Punk won the WWE Championship. For the last three weeks, we've had the following depressed opinions from the IWC:

"Oh, Cena won't lose because he'll never get fired."

"Punk won't be able to walk away with the strap."

"The MITB winner (Alberto Del Rio, as it happens) will just cash it that at the end to take it off Punk, even if he wins."

Aside from perhaps The Miz winning the RAW MITB–which itself would be hotly debated– and the likes of Beth Phoenix taking the Diva's Championship from Kelly Kelly, the IWC couldn't have dreamed of a July PPV with both brand's biggest titles changing hands, and one of their favourites getting a guaranteed shot at one of them in the next 12 months.

MITB is all about repercussions and reactions, and there's plenty for the Internet to be happy about on Sunday night.