Boston Bruins: October at a Glance

Dan LemlyContributor INovember 3, 2008

And what a great month it was.

Most fans I have spoken to over the last couple of days agreed that the Bruins did exactly what they needed to do in October.  Sure we are 6-3-3, but we are fifth in the Eastern Conference and third in our division, only behind teams like Montreal, NY, and Buffalo I might add.

Sounds pretty impressive to me, the Bruins being a team most people always place middle to last.

Now I talk about their accomplishments, but not in specifics, so here are some:

  1. KESSEL IS COMING OUT OF HIS SHELL. With seven goals, one assist, and eight points, we really see him evolving as a player.  I also want to add most of his goals are due to his great speed on breakaways and mismatches.
  2. THOMAS IS BLOCKING EVERYTHING. Now, to look at where Thomas is after the first month in our season.  With the highest save percentage in the whole league among goalies (at .994 percent), he is just unstoppable.  He had two shutout 1-0 games with the Bruins for the first time in team history since 1936.  And both those games were at least 40 saves in each.
  3. BEING A TEAM. After seeing the game against Dallas, on the first of November, I had to put this point down.  During that game I saw the Bruins really stand up for each other and not be afraid to back down to any challenges.  And on top of that, they have had the best passing I have seen from this team in a very long time.
  4. CHARA BEING CHARA. As a fan reading that one you might be skeptical, seeing as how he has no goals this year and only three points.  Now this is a guy who has never really started off the year with a bang.  It takes a while to get cracking, and don't expect large numbers out of our defenseman in the goals column. Just expect him to do what he does best.  Make sure Thomas' .994 Save Percentage doesn't have to go down.

Looking at this team with only one month played in the long season, I see a deep playoff run, and a good season.  I even see a possible second place, just behind Montreal for the year.

They might not get that much needed game seven win this year, like last year, but I feel a Cup playoff in our reach.