Obama Picked The Lakers For The Finals Last Year—Now I Can't Vote For Him

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 3, 2008

OK, I can't vote. I'm 13, but forget that for the rest of my article. 

Obama, that is one thing not to do. You don't choose a side when it comes to something so indented into fans hearts. When a professional sports head picks a side, you don't mind. When a man who doesn't have team to watch sports picks a team? I get annoyed. 

I heard it, he picked the Lakers in six. 

I say this not in my anger of being a Boston fan, but because he clearly hasn't watched a game of either team. In truth, I believe the only reason he picked LA is because California is much more of a swing vote than Massachusetts (arguably THEY most liberal state in the U.S). Also, Ms. Clinton had already been winning in Massachusetts and he had his eye on the large state of Cali.

But please, Senator Obama, don't pick a team. I already didn't want you in the oval office, but picking a team in the finals with little knowledge of what's going is wrong. Mr. Obama, stick to what you know.

Yes, I know he likes basketball. I saw his shot at the Army convention. It was a nice shot, and the guy isn't exactly short. He has the stance of basketball player, but does he have the knowledge?

I may be ignorant to some political facts and knowledge of issues, but Mr. Obama, I don't pretend to know the affairs of your world. So please, keep away from mine.

McCain-Palin Ticket '08