L.A. Clippers: Blake Griffin's 10 Most Thunderous Dunks

J. Matthew nespoli@thebrokenauthorCorrespondent IIJuly 17, 2011

L.A. Clippers: Blake Griffin's 10 Most Thunderous Dunks

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    Blake Griffin has played only one NBA season, yet he is already one of the greatest dunkers the game has ever seen.

    He doesn't soar like Jordan or Dr. J, and he may not have the creativity of Vince Carter, but what he does have is super-human strength, and an ability to elevate higher and faster than any defender who tries to take him on.

    As a season-ticket holder of the Los Angeles Clippers, this was the first season in memory that it was a top priority for us to get to the game on time. Show up just a minute or two late, and you were likely to have missed a monstrous dunk over some very embarrassed NBA veteran.

    Yes, the Clippers had a losing record in 2011, but they were still one of the most exciting teams in the league, thanks to Blake Griffin.

    Blake Griffin was only second in the league in total dunks, but he had to be No. 1 in emasculating defenders. Thus, compiling a list of his top-10 dunks is an impossible feat; there were at least 50 dunks that could be considered for this list.

    Regardless, without further ado, here are Blake Griffin's 10 most ridiculous, thunderous and sensational dunks.

10. Opening Night

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    We'll start this list with Blake's introduction to the NBA.

    Not only was this his first game, but it was the first quarter, and these were his first two baskets.

    "6'10", 250 pounds, runs like a deer," the announcer says.

    So true.

    I was lucky enough to be in the house for Blake's NBA coronation. I can honestly say I was not prepared for this, nor what the rest of the season was going to bring.

    Randy Foye brought the ball down the court. Blake trailed, running like lightning. Without making eye contact, Foye tossed the ball up, and Blake caught it, slammed it and we all went ballistic.

    We've been standing at the Staples Center ever since.

9. King Who?

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    All year long, Blake Griffin endured cheap shot after cheap shot from NBA veterans who were tired of being made to look like fools. They had no other way to stop Blake other than to take a cheap shot.

    On this night against the Miami Heat, Blake said no more.

    After another cheap shot, Blake took offense and got into a scuffle that landed him a technical foul. Griffin, enraged, came down the floor on the next possession and made Miami pay.

    The Clippers went on to win the game, making themselves the only NBA team to score a victory against all six NBA division winners.

8. That Dunk's Too Good; Technical Foul.

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    Teams at a complete loss for ways to stop Blake Griffin had to hope for divine intervention.

    On this dunk against Phoenix, Marcin Gortat received help.

    Gortat was posterized as badly as I've ever seen. Luckily for him, the refs felt bad for the veteran and called a charge on Griffin—then gave him a technical.

    It was a bad call. I guess refs aren't used to seeing throw-downs from that far away, and they didn't know how to handle it.

    Even the opposition's coach, Alvin Gentry, said, "I don't care if they called it a charge. That is one of the greatest dunks I've ever seen."

7. Take That, Vince Carter

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    Blake, the 2011 Slam Dunk champion, is more of an in-game dunker than a show dunker. His dunks are special because of the way he goes through, over and above defenders.

    That said, even I have to acknowledge this riff off an old Vince Carter dunk is pretty impressive.

6. Blake's Got Some Sweet Feet Too

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    Blake is best known for his thunderous throw-downs.

    (By the way, how long until this monster brings down a backboard?)

    Still, when needed, he can make a sweet move, get to the hole and get creative to get his dunk on.

    Here Blake makes Zach Randolph look completely helpless.

5. Longest Alley-Oop Ever?

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    Blake Griffin receives and dunks a pass from Randy Foye that comes from the opposite end of the court at the three-point line.

4. My New Friend, Eric Bledsoe

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    This is the first pass/dunk Blake ever received from Eric Bledsoe.

    I have a feeling we're going to see a lot of this over the years.

3. Are You Kidding Me?

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    I've been to many, many sporting events over the years.

    However, on one special night at the Staples Center in November, I witnessed history.

    Blake Griffin scored more than 40 points and announced himself as the NBA's next superstar with three monstrous dunks.

    This one over Danilo Gallinari, as great as it was, was only the second-best dunk of the night.

    Griffin stole the ball, took it down the court like a point guard, made an amazing spin move and then dunked on Gallinari's head.

    After this game—and countless SportsCenter highlights—NBA big men learned to either get out of the way, or foul Blake very hard if they didn't want to live in YouTube infamy.

    What nobody remembers about this game (or cares about) is that the Clippers lost.

2. Ditto

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    Again, Blake steals the ball and goes coast to coast, but this time, instead of finishing with the posterizing dunk, he goes around the defender and finishes with a reverse.


1. The Mozgov

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    I was in the house for this, and I don't think I sat down for the rest of the game.

    And I still get chills whenever I watch this on YouTube.

    This, to me, is the second-greatest dunk of all time to Vince Carter's Olympics dunk.

    Never has a seven-footer been embarrassed this badly.

    There's not much I can say about this dunk, as words are a disservice to the art of this.