Michael Vick: 7 Professions the Eagles Quarterback Could Pursue After NFL Career

Brian Wright@@BrianWright86Correspondent IIJuly 21, 2011

Michael Vick: 7 Professions the Eagles Quarterback Could Pursue After NFL Career

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    With the end of the NFL lockout imminent, it appears as if Michael Vick doesn't need to look for any temporary employment. 

    So, provided he stays healthy, Vick's main job for the next several years will be giving defensive coordinators headaches with his versatile play at quarterback.

    When retirement from football does hit, Vick will have many options. With what has gone in his off-the-field life, Vick has the opportunity to embark on many different ventures.

    Take a look at seven possible professions for No. 7 once his NFL career comes to an end.


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    Vick has already dabbled in efforts to speak out for anti-dogfighting laws. On Tuesday, he met with members of Congress to back legislation that would penalize those who knowingly attend animal fights and allow minors to attend.

    Recently, Vick has been speaking at churches and schools on this matter with Wayne Pacelle, the  president and chief executive officer of the Humane Society of the United States.

    Becoming a spokesman for an organization focused on putting an end to animal cruelty–such as the SPCA or PETA or the Humane Society–would be fine showing of Vick's remorse for what he did in the past.


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    Apparently, Vick began writing a book during his 23-month prison sentence and was also seeking a co-author as well as a publisher.

    If these stories from more than two years ago are factual, then it seems all the more certain that this will happen once has more time after football.

    Vick certainly has much to write about. One would be hard-pressed to find someone that wouldn't be interested in reading about a bevy of revealing moments in his dog-fighting involvement and his time at the Leavenworth jail.

Virginia Tech Assistant

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    One place where Vick will forever be revered is Blacksburg.

    While he was only at Virginia Tech for a short time, his impact was long lasting. As a freshman in 1999, Vick led the Hokies to an undefeated regular season and a trip to the Sugar Bowl to play for the BCS National Championship against Florida State. 

    Vick left Tech after his sophomore season en route to being the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft and he helped continue the Hokies' run of success that has continued into this decade. In fact, part of the Tech athletic facility has a hall in his name. 

    So it would be only fitting that after his pro football career, he would go back to the place that put him on the national scene. Frank Beamer would certainly welcome Vick back as adviser or coach.

    He could also be used as an assistant with recruiting in the Tidewater region, an area of the Commonwealth in which the Hokies have picked up many star players—including Vick.

Philadelphia Eagles Assistant

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    To a lesser extent, Vick has been appreciated in Philadelphia as well.

    The Eagles gave him a second chance, and Vick has to be eternally grateful for it. In a similar fashion to a possible position with Tech, he could be used as either a quarterbacks coach or simply as an adviser to the team.

    The likelihood of Vick latching on to the Eagles in his post-playing days will be much higher if Jeffery Lorie is still the owner of the franchise.

Animal Shelter Owner

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    While speaking out against animal cruelty and for anti-dogfighting laws can make a difference, Vick could add to his steadfast approach to this matter by taking up ownership to an animal shelter.

    This would be more of a charitable act than a profession, but it would a be a mighty generous act of philanthropy.

    Words do plenty, but actions do much more.

Life Coach

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    Following his release from prison and reinstatement into the NFL, Vick was mentored by Tony Dungy.

    The former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers advised him on making the right decisions for his on-the-field career as well as his off-the-field life. Dungy helped Vick to ease back into football and encouraged him to join charitable causes.

    So far, Vick has reaped the benefits of Dungy's wisdom. And those teachings could be passed on to others in the future. 

    As someone who has risen to stardom and has crashed to reality, Vick would be an ideal person to help out another troubled athlete rebuild his or her image.

TV Analyst

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    Vick is certainly a draw on television with his exciting abilities. However, he doesn't exactly exude the personality that would do well as an network analyst.

    Then again, doesn't ESPN have every newly retired NFL player on their team? I'm sure they could find a way for Vick to contribute in Bristol.