NHL Logo Power Rankings

Adam Piercy@@apathyinaction1Contributor IIJuly 28, 2011

NHL Logo Power Rankings

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    NHL logos.

    Some are timeless, while others are, well, the Anaheim Ducks.

    In lieu of an actual topic, I thought I would make a ranking of each NHL team logo (and hopefully stir the pot with my controversial picks). I've tried to be as unbiased as possible, but I am only human.

    Without further ado, here are my NHL logo power rankings, staring with number 30.

30. Anaheim Ducks

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    The webbed "D" is a bit of an improvement on the Anaheim Ducks word mark, but it's still a far cry from their original Mighty Duck. I never thought I'd say I actually miss that logo.

    Ryan Getzlaf and company deserve better.

29. Winnipeg Jets

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    This is what we've been waiting for?

    Okay, so I've heard the Jets' new logo is a bit of a slow grower, so it must be really slow. The people of Winnipeg have waited 15 years for a new NHL team and this just does not strike me as the kind of logo people will be proud of.

28. Columbus Blue Jackets

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    Yes, I understand it's a subtle play on the Ohio flag, but I just can't get behind this logo. It's got a weird shape and it doesn't work for me.

    One playoff appearance in franchise history certainly doesn't help bolster its timelessness.

27. Washington Capitals

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    Following yet another disappointment in the playoffs this past spring, one can't help but wonder what it is that's keeping the Washington Capitals from the glory we've all expected from them ever since the Great 8 arrived in town.

    Anyway, I've never been a fan of simple wordmark logos, which is why Washington lands at No. 27 on this list.

    If the Capitals were to ever switch to their alternate logo, the "W" eagle with a silhouette of the U.S. Capitol building below it, they would easily find themselves in the top 10.

    But for now, they're cellar dwellers.

26. Phoenix Coyotes

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    This 2003 redesign of what was likely the most hideous logo in NHL history (that faux-Picasso mid-'90s coyote) is vastly improved, but still underwhelming—similar to the team that sports it.

    If we are to believe the reports, however, the upcoming season may be the Coyotes' last in the Grand Canyon State, perhaps we won't have to deal with this logo much longer.

25. Carolina Hurricanes

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    The "Hurricanes" is a decent if somewhat insensitive moniker for a team based in North Carolina, but the name really does put them in a rut in terms of designing a logo.

    The more I look at it the more I think it looks like a toilet flushing. I'm not sure what red and black stuff would ever be found in a toilet, but if you do come across it, consider calling your doctor immediately.

24. Ottawa Senators

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    I don't understand why Ottawa chose to go with the 3-D senator look when the Reebok Edge system was implemented back in 2007. I thought the flat, two-dimensional senator's face with the broom helmet and the wreaths surrounding it were great. It's not an eyesore by any stretch of the imagination but it leaves much to be desired.

23. Tampa Bay Lightning

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    This isn't a bad logo at all, but I feel the Lightning brass may have simplified their look a little too much when they unveiled the redesigned jerseys earlier this year. It's definitely grown on me since they were first revealed but it's far from what some other teams have to offer.

22. Los Angeles Kings

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    If you're wondering why I'm going with draft photos it's because many of these teams have recently changed their logos, therefore they don't have any on-ice experience.

    This one isn't bad. It definitely resembles home plate in baseball, but it's an improvement on the Chevrolet Kings look used from 1988 to 1996, which is what I assume they're harkening back to.

    Perhaps the switch back to Raiders colours is a sign the team may soon be moving back to the City of Angels?

21. Florida Panthers

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    I wouldn't say the Florida Panthers' logo is classic, but it's one of the only NHL logos that has yet to receive any sort of touch-up or alteration. It's a good look for them, for sure.

    I fear the Panther itself may be more ferocious than the team that sports it, but with a totally revamped roster perhaps the tables have turned in Sunrise, Fla.

20. Toronto Maple Leafs

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    I have nothing against the Maple Leafs. That fact lands me in the minority among western Canadian hockey fans, but the NHL is far more interesting when its flagship teams are competitive.

    That being said, I prefer their alternate logo. The Buds do not land at No. 20 due to a lackluster logo; it's more due to the quality of the entries above it.

19. New York Islanders

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    I'm glad the Islanders reverted back to the classic royal blue and orange design of their early '80s heyday; the whole navy/orange combo was unattractive to look at, and it's good to see that bright, vivid color is returning to the NHL!

    That being said, I've always liked this logo, but I can't help but feel it's a little bizarre. It's far superior to their Fisherman's Friend look from the mid-'90s but it still only lands at No. 19.

18. Nashville Predators

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    First, I've got to say that Nashville's new uniforms are fantastic. It's great to see a team embrace yellow, a much-maligned color in the NHL. No team has used it in its dark uniform since Pittsburgh's brief stint with a gold jersey back in the late 1980s.

    That being said, how does the poor cat fit those massive front teeth in its mouth? That is some severe overbite going on.

    Overall, the sleek redesign works for me, but only enough to land at No. 18.

17. Vancouver Canucks

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    As a Canucks fan I've become attached to this logo over the years but at least I understand it's a little, you know, not that great.

    Last time I checked, however, 'Canuck' was not a slang term for an orca whale. It was an interesting choice for the team's former ownership group, Orca Bay, to slap a corporate logo on the sweater when the Canucks went through their umpteenth redesign back in 1997.

    The Johnny Canuck logos aren't bad, and I've always liked the stick-in-the-rink logo, but I suppose the orca is good enough for now.

16. San Jose Sharks

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    The Sharks.

    Now there's a mean-sounding team.

    When you describe the logo (a shark bursting through an upside-down triangle biting a hockey stick), it doesn't sound like it would work, but it's sharp. I'm not sure why a hockey stick would ever be found in the ocean but regardless it's a nice logo.

    I'm not sold on the increased usage of the burnt orange in the crests and jerseys, though.

15. Boston Bruins

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    It's not the prettiest logo in the world, and I'm not sold on the newly-serifed "B",  but the Bruins unquestionably have one of the more timeless logos in the NHL, which makes sense considering they're a member of the Original Six.

14. Edmonton Oilers

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    Wow. Stunning new road unis. It's tough to hate on a team when they sport such excellent uniforms.

    I'm not an Oilers fan but I've always liked their logo, and along with the Islanders it's good to see them return to their classic blue and orange getup, ditching the ugly navy, copper and red of yore.

13. Calgary Flames

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    Okay. It's a "C" that has caught fire. What's so special about it?

    Well, Winnipeg, take note. This is how you design a logo that's simple yet totally classic.

12. Minnesota Wild

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    Upon first glance this logo looks like nothing more than an awfully disfigured bear's head. But if you look a little closer, you see a river makes up its mouth, a shooting star as the eye and the sun represents the bear's ear.

    It's effective and totally unique.

11. Montreal Canadiens

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    This is one of those logos that, were it unveiled today, it would totally bomb. I truly believe that. Don't get me wrong, it's one of the best logos in all of sports, but in today's NHL where logos have to be "fierce" (see Nashville, Florida, Vancouver, San Jose), this would never fly.

10. Pittsburgh Penguins

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    The Penguins' logo is a little cartoonish, but luckily it's struck the perfect balance between cutesy and aggressive. Also, what is it about upside-down triangle logos in the NHL?

    Either way this one is definitely deserving of top 10 honors.

9. Buffalo Sabres

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    Well, Buffalo's got the most literally correct logo of any team: a buffalo and two sabres inside a circle, hence the Buffalo Sabres.

    I'll never understand why it ditched the logo back in the mid-'90s in favour of a red and black-clad beast, or why it adopted the hideous buffaslug in 2006. They've had a winner here all along and it's good to see it back.

8. Dallas Stars

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    Remember what I said about wordmark-logos being awful?

    Well, forget I said that for a second.

    The Stars have a terrific logo, I really dig the gold and forest green combination, and I wish they would return this to full-time use and nix the basketball-style uniforms with "DALLAS" emblazoned across the chest. They've got a good logo, so why are they desperately trying to hide it?

7. Colorado Avalanche

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    Here's another example of a simple logo that's done effectively. It's essentially just an "A" with what appears to be a puck-induced avalanche flowing down the sides.

    I might get some flak for putting the Avs this high, but back in the early 2000s when they had Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy et al. in tow, I was terrified of this logo.

6. New Jersey Devils

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    Paul Kariya probably still has nightmares about this logo after getting absolutely drilled by Scott Stevens in Game 6 of the '03 finals.

    Anyway, there's a reason the Devils have made zero changes to their uniforms since the late 1980s. They've got one of the best uniform sets and one of the nicest logos to boot.

5. Chicago Blackhawks

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    The Chicago Blackhawks have the best home uniform in all of sports, and their crest is a big part of that. I think it speaks for itself.

4. Philadelphia Flyers

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    The Flyers land at No. 4. Pardon the pun.

    This logo has stayed exactly same since it debuted back in 1967, and it's perfect the way it is. I've always adored this logo but I only recently discovered it was supposed to be a "P". Anyway, it's terrific.

3. New York Rangers

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    This one was a little tricky to find an image for since they're the only NHL team that doesn't feature its primary logo on any of its uniforms. I've always been a fan of this logo, which has more or less stayed the same since 1926. It's a classic logo and one of the very best the NHL (or any sport) has to offer.

2. St. Louis Blues

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    Hmm. I must have a thing for winged logos.

    Well, anyway, the St. Louis Blues are named after a song of the same name written by W.C. Handy in 1914, hence the flying quarter note logo. It's iconic, unique and totally unforgettable.

1. Detroit Red Wings

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    You ask for another winged logo, you get another winged logo.

    Yes, the Detroit Red Wings are No. 1.

    What a surprise, right?

    It's a logo that has over the past 20 years become synonymous with success. Even when they're having a bad year the Wings are still the most feared team in the NHL.

    I can't get behind the tradition of throwing marine life onto the ice as Wings fans are wont to do, but they definitely boast the best logo in all of hockey.