Brock Lesnar: Getting What He Deserves

Andrew AltonCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Deserve (verb): To have earned as a right by one's actions; to be worthy of; worthy or suitable.

Many Brock Lesnar haters out there have been quick to announce their opposition to Dana White, Joe Silva, and the UFC. They are furious that he was given him a title shot against Randy "Captain America" Couture after "only" 3 MMA fights (2 of which were in the UFC) and a 2-1 record.

The "real" MMA (or old school MMA fans as I call them) don't feel like he deserves the fight due to his lack of fights in the sport. I have read multiple blogs on different forums with people claiming it is an outrage and a political/marketing move by the UFC, and how there are other fights in the heavyweight division better than Brock.

However, these people make note of this, but then offer no alternative. They say Brock has done little in the UFC and has only begun his MMA career, so he shouldn't be getting the title fight so soon.

The reality is...Brock Lesnar deserves this title fight.

Unlike other mainstream professional sports (i.e. MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL), fighter in the UFC do not have a round-robin schedule, which allows them to oppose each fighter in their weight class to determine who is the best.  MMA is a different sport, and it is not comparing apples to apples.

For this reason, I feel like it is important to discount records in an extent. 

Before you react to the statement think about it.  Some fighters are "spoon-fed" opponents to increase their popularity in order to manufacture a star.  Some have worked their way up the "ladder" and have many amateur fights under the belt but few professional.  Multiple fights have fought outside of their natural weight class.  The talent levels at different promotions vary.

This is especially the case for Brock Lesnar.  Dana White new he has a marketing giant on his hands, and ultimately made Brock the highest paid fighter in the UFC when he signed him to a contract.  But, Dana also didn't want to waste the money spent on the athlete as he put him in tough fights with established, veteran fighters (Mir and Herring). 

Not many fighters in the UFC begin their career with the organization with back-to-back fights with fighters of their caliber.

Thus, I feel that more emphasis needs to be put on the ability of a fighter.  Because of Brock's actions in the octagon, I believe he is suitable for a title shot against Randy Couture.

Brock Lesnar is 31 years old.  He is an accomplished wrestler, having won multiple accolades while at the University of Minnesota and while being an amateur and professional wrestler. 

His two opponents thus far in the UFC, Mir and Herring, have a combined record of 39-17.  He beat Herring, and Frank Mir admitted he was getting dominated before catching Brock in a knee bar.

Brock is a beast.  His size, strength, and ability is unmatched in the UFC and in MMA.  While he weighs in at the maximum 165 pounds, Brock will likely be fighting around 185 pounds.  His take down attempts are ferocious and nearly unstoppable.  His ground and pound is relentless.  And if the stories are true that he is working his way towards a purple belt in BJJ, then he is even scarier.  Brock Lesnar is not a fighter to be taken lightly.

Old school MMA fans seem to discount Brock's ability due to his past history with the fluff organization WWE.  Some claim it is a marketing tool by UFC and that it is all politics.  Well, you should dismiss talks of the WWE because his history with that organization is irrelevant when it pertains to MMA and the UFC. 

And, of course fighting him against Randy Couture is a marketing tool.  The UFC is a business, they want to make money...but just because it is a marketing tool does not mean that Brock doesn't deserve the fight.

Randy Couture is 45 years old.  He has not fought since beating Gabriel Gonzaga in August 2007.  In the past year, he has been in four movies (Mandrake, Command & Conquer, The Scorpion King 2, and Red Belt),so I wonder how much time he has had for training.  Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that "The Natural" also received a UFC heavyweight title shot in his 4th professional fight.

Who else would you have fight Couture?  The UFC has created a heavyweight "tournament" for the championship.  They pitted two strikers (Couture v. Lesnar) and two submission experts (Mir v. Nogueira) against each other, ultimately have the two winners fight for the belt.

The UFC is currently down on talent in the heavyweight division.  Fabricio Werdum's recent loss to Junior De Los Santos ruins any argument for him to have the title shot.  Cain Velasquez is injured.  Besides...Brock Lesnar deserves the fight.

If for nothing else, the fact that this fight seems so unpredictable and hard to choose a winner should tell you that Brock Lesnar deserves this fight with Randy Couture.  Even die-hard Randy Couture fans that I have talked to have an uneasy feeling about the upcoming fight.

Personally, I am rooting for Brock and hoping to see a Lesnar v. Mir rematch.