San Francisco Giants Sign 1st-Round Pick Kyle Crick

Tom DubberkeCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2011

The San Francisco Giants signed their supplemental first-round pick, a high school right-hander, two days ago for a $900,000 bonus. 

That was considerably more than MLB’s recommended slot of the 49th pick ($717,300), but not as much as I expected, given that Crick had already committed to Texas Christian University. I thought it would take about an even $1 million to get Crick to forgo his college experience. 

Obviously, Crick wanted to play pro ball a lot more than anyone thought.

The Giants have now signed their top two picks well before the early August deadline, which means that both Panik and Crick will get significant professional experience this year. 

Giants management has to feel pretty good about that.