College Football Season Heating Up

Clayton CoffmanAnalyst INovember 3, 2008

Sorry for the prolonged absence of Coffman's Corner. Baseball writing monopolized my life the last three weekends.

Boy, has the college football season really been cranked up. Texas' run through all those ranked teams, even though they did lose this past weekend, was very impressive.

It's this writer's opinion that Texas and Florida are the best one-loss teams in the nation. The Gators, right now, are playing better than any team in the country. Their defense, led by Brandon Spikes, is for real. They gave up some drives but then forced key turnovers.

Tim Tebow was also impressive. He managed the game beautifully, and when the time came, he hit some huge pass plays. With a favorable schedule, expect them to play Alabama for the SEC Championship.

On the downside, I truly don't believe in the firing of coaches midseason. Ty Willingham and Phillip Fulmer, even with struggling teams, should've been let go after the season.

Willingham had good success at Notre Dame. He's not a bad coach. Fulmer, who had stayed at UT for 35 years, deserved to be treated with class. Lame duck coaches affect everybody.

The BCS, as expected, will provide for an exciting finish to the season—and I can't wait to get there.