Ranking the ECW Champions: WWE ERA

Ramblin ManContributor IIJuly 18, 2011

Ranking the ECW Champions: WWE ERA

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    Though most probably won't care, I figured I'd rank every ECW Champion from the WWE Era.

    This list takes all aspects of being a good champion into consideration. I'm sure many will question the rank I gave each of them, but t's my list and this is where I'd put all of them.

    Thanks for taking the time to read guys.

Number 14—Ezekiel Jackson

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    There isn't much to say about this reign only because it last a whole 45 seconds.

    Ezekiel Jackson won the title in the main event of the final episode of ECW before it got re-cancelled. Ezekiel tried numerous times to steal the title from Christian, with the help of William Regal's Ruthless Roundtable.

    His dream of winning the champion became a reality, but unfortunately this didn't help out with a major push in the future for Jackson. He ended up getting injured for most of 2010. He did however, return in 2011 and captured the Intercontinental Championship.  

Number 13—Mr.McMahon

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    This title reign was just stupid.

    It pissed off many Original ECW fans as well as some of the originals on the roster (video)  

    I understand why they did it—to continue the Lashley-McMahon feud. This is when you started to notice the ECW Championship was never gonna be taken seriously as a World Championship.

    McMahon won the title in a 3 on 1 Handicap match that included Shane McMahon and Umaga in his corner. He defended the title at Judgement Day in another 3 on 1 handicap match. The match was actually won by Lashley, but since he pinned Shane McMahon and not Vince the title didn't change hands.

    At One Night Stand The Title was finally given back to Lashley in a street fight match. This left the only memorable part of the Vince McMahon title reign being the hilarious do rag he wore while champion.

Number 12—Chavo Guerrero

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    I'm sure others would put his reign higher than twelfth, but this guy won the title with major assistance from Edge. Then a couple months later he lost the title to Kane at Wrestlemania in a five second match.

    He did have couple of Pay Per View victories over CM Punk, but the only thing I remember on an ECW that Chavo reigned champion was him getting thrown into the Gulf Of Mexico by Punk.

    I love the fact that after all those years, Chavo finally got major recognition for his great career by winning one of the big three titles. Unfortunately, they decided to portray Chavo as more of a weak guy that needed help from others to succeed. Whether it came from his La Familia brother Edge or his bodyguard Bam Neely.

Number 11—Rob Van Dam

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    Having Van Dam win the WWE Title right before the debut of the New ECW was a great way to push the start of the show.  He then was awarded the ECW Championship on the debut of ECW.

    He would hold two major WWE championships at one time.

    This didn't last long mainly because in storyline, would loose to Cena in a triple threat on Raw and then the next night loose the ECW Championship.

    He held both titles for only three weeks. The ECW Title was lost to the Big Show, when Heyman interfered and turned heel to help Big Show win.

    The next day as a part of Heyman's new heel persona he decided to suspend Van Dam for a month to get rid of him.

    In reality the whole week of Van Dam losing both titles was because he was arrested for drug procession. WWE didn't want a supposed drug user holding any of there major titles.  

Number 10—Tommy Dreamer

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    He was put into a match at Extreme Rules where if he didn't capture the championship that he would quit ECW.

    He ended up winning and the lone Original ECW memeber left managed to win the big one, one final time.

    This was a quick title reign for WWE Standard, but he did get a couple good defenses with it. He would go on to drop the title back to Christian a little over a month later.

    After the quick title reign, Dreamer would go on to be a mid-carder on ECW for the good part of the next year. He ended his career on ECW in December of 2009, when he lost a match to Zack Ryder, with the stipulation that if Dreamer lost he would be forced into retirement.

Number 9—Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry was a big man put in the little ECW that was starting to sink farther and farther in ratings.

    Henry could've been a credible champion, but they gave him a rather short title reign of 70 days.

    He beat Big Show and Kane to win the title, then he went on to lose it to a much smaller Matt Hardy. Henry began to look more vulnerable at the end of his reign and soon became just another wrestler.

    Henry's reign was a part of the new ECW, along with a new title. The New Family Oriented ECW had a big man to carry the load of the company.  But they chose to have him lose the title rather quickly.

    This is where ECW started to spiral out of control, until they eventually made a face plant at the beginning of 2010. 

Number 8—Kane

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    Kane's title reign started off with very quick eleven second match at Wrestlemania, which upset many fans of wrestling.

    A match like that was not meant for a Wrestlemania.

    Kane held the title for 91 days, until he was moved over to ECW to get a more fitting superstar to hold the title, since Chavo was considered too small to be a world champion.

    He managed to defend the title a couple times against Chavo, but ultimately the title seemed to be ignored. CM Punk and Kane were more worried about getting a match for the World Tag Team Titles.

    The ECW Championship was falling lower and lower, and fell to its lowest point when Kane got drafted to Raw and the title was a exclusive Raw Title for a couple weeks. Kane eventually lost it to Mark Henry, leaving a very unmemorable title reign.

Number 7—Jack Swagger

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    This title reign was when ECW's roster began to feature more younger and unknown wrestlers who were looking to make a name for themselves.

    ECW began to feature Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Ricky Ortiz, Evan Bourne and others. Swagger was a monster on ECW and had a five month undefeated streak to start off his career.

    Then Swagger's luck continued when the All American American defeated Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship. He defended his title against the like of Finlay and Hardy over the course of the next few months, but ended up dropping the title to the returning Christian.

    His reign ended at 104 days.

Number 6—Matt Hardy

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    Matt Hardy was on fire in 2008.

    He returned from injury and beat MVP for the United States Championship at the time MVP was the longest reigning US Champ in WWE history.

    Shortly after the victory Hardy was drafted to ECW making the title exclusively a part of ECW.  A couple weeks after his ECW debut it became clear that Matt Hardy was meant to be the new star, especially with his history of extreme matches this sounded like a dream come true.

    Matt won the title by defeating Mark Henry, The Miz, Finlay and Chavo Guerrero in a championship scramble match. He defended the title against Henry, Evan Bourne, Finlay, and Chavo. He eventually dropped the title to Jack Swagger, ending his reign at 127 days.

Number 5—Christian

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    Shocked I put him 5th?

    Well, Christian had the longest title reign under the WWE owned ECW brand. He also had to title reigns, but the title had lost all it's prestige by the time Christian got the belt.

    Of course that isn't his fault, but I can't put him any higher when he is defending the title against the likes of William Regal, Vladmir Kozlov, Zack Ryder, and Ezekial Jackson.

Number 4—John Morrison

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    John Morrison was never supposed to be thrown into the ECW Title picture, but the schedule Night of Champions meeting of CM Punk and Chris Benoit never happened.

    That night the announce team stated Benoit had a family emergency, which we all know by now what the family emergency turned out to be. 

    So they had Johnny Nitro (Morrison) step up to face CM Punk.  The obvious winner in this match to many was CM Punk, but Morrison surprised everyone that night and took the title.

    After the match and the ugliness of the Benoit scandal died down, Nitro officially change his name to John Morrison. He began referring himself as the Tuseday Night Delight, The New Face Of Extreme, The Shaman Of Sexy, and The Guru Of Greatness.

    He also started the fifteen minutes of fame competition where if anyone could either pin the champion or last the whole fifteen minutes they would get a ECW Championship match in the future. 

    Although his reign only lasted 69 days, this was the birth of an up and coming star in Morrison who showcased how great of a heel he can really be. His reign may have been short, but that was mainly because every wrestlers was tested for anabolic sterois and those who tested positive were suspended. Morrison tested positive, so they had him drop the belt on ECW and he disappeared for 30 days. 

    After the reign, he continued to attempt to regain pocession of the title. He eventually formed a tag team with the Miz and became probably the best tag team in the past five years.

    Yet, despite all these great successes Morrison has yet to win another World Championship.

Number 3—CM Punk

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    After two years of wrestling on ECW, Punk was crowned ECW Champion in September of 2007 by defeating John Morrison.

    Punk began to showcase his talents more and more and after that became virtually unbeatable.

    He dominated on ECW for the course of four months defending the title against Elijah Burke, Big Daddy V, The Miz, John Morrison ,and Chavo Guerrero.

    He eventually lost the title however after Edge ran in and speared him, giving Chavo the distinct advantage. He pinned Punk and ended his reign at 143 days. 

Number 2—Big Show

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    This reign started out with major heat.  The fans actually threw garbage into the ring after Heyman screwed RVD out of the title.

    Big Show became the new world champion and Heyman began to help Big Show win almost every match. Heyman began to higher some masked and shielded men to run into matches and even beat down some of Big Show's future competitors to protect him from losing the title.

    Big Show was a great heel during this reign, and was involved in many feuds. He even was involved in a triple threat match at Cyber Sunday against John Cena (WWE Champion) and King Booker (World Champion) for the World Championship.

    On television it looked impossible to beat Heyman and Big Show and most likely was. Unfortunately, Paul Heyman and Mr. McMahon had a falling out on the matches for ECW's December To Dismember Pay Per View and Heyman left the company hours before the event took place.

    The pay per view had Big Show lose the title to new comer Bobby Lashley and the event recieved very negative reviews. Three days after Big Show asked for his release and it was granted and just like that two major characters were gone from ECW.

Number 1—Bobby Lashley

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    Bobby Lashley made his debut on ECW as the final member of the Extreme Elimination Chamber for ECW's December To Dismember. He became a dominating champion. 

    In one match he took out all the ECW Originals. In another Mr.Mcmahon made him defend the title against Hardcore Holly in a steel cage match, where if Lashley couldn't win in five minutes Hardcore Holly would become champ.

    Lashley desimated everyone in his way on ECW and nobody could seem to stop him.

    This is when the ECW Championship was in it's prime as a World Championship, after The Undertaker won the Royal Rumble he even showed up and contemplated facing Lashley for the belt.

    Ultimately, Lashley would represent Donald Trump in a battle of the billionaires match up at Wrestlemania and defeated Umaga, Mr.McMahon's selection. The victory resulted in McMahon being shaved bald and Lashley engaged in a long feud with the entire McMahon family.

    Lashley thrived in the feud, beating essentially everyone McMahon threw at him. He defeated Kenny Dykstra to defend his title, defeated Umaga in a rematch ,and broke the never Broken Mater Lock in Chris Masters' Masterlock Challenge.

    McMahon got vengeance when he won the title by beating Lashley in a three on one handicap match. Lashley spent the next month beating McMahon's son and Umaga in numerous matches, but couldn't get the title back until he pinned McMahon.

    He eventually defeated McMahon in a street fight. To recapture the title, a week later he was drafted to Raw and was forced to vacate the title, because it belonged to ECW.

    Lashley feuded with the current WWE Champion John Cena. He was given to matches against the champ once in a six pack challenge at Night Of Champions and then at The Great American Bash both times he came u short. Lashley then suffered an injury in a match against Mr.Kennedy and was out indefinetly.

    While recovering Lashley asked for his release and it was granted. He later revealed he asked for his release because he wanted to focus on an MMA career.