WWE: The Rock Cuts Another Scathing Promo on John Cena

tiffanie jonesContributor IIIJuly 16, 2011

Okay, it is officially time for John Cena to STOP TALKING…at least about The Rock.  After poking and prodding at the People’s Champion for the past four years, John Cena seems to have finally hit a nerve. 

Apparently, while in Australia, Cena bashed The Rock for not being active in the WWE.  The Rock responded with a scathing promo, one that further revealed men (and female smarks’) true feelings about the present-day face of WWE. 

Despite being in a feud with the hottest superstar in WWE right now – CM Punk – Cena has still found the time to antagonize The Rock.  This is quite disrespectful to CM Punk, who is leaving the company for reasons such as this. 

This is not the first time that Cena’s attention has been placed on Rocky while he was headed into a title match against another competitor.  Of all places, at Wrestlemania, Cena’s focus was not on his opponent, The Miz, but rather on The Rock. 

The result was a lackluster match.  To divert the attention off an opponent and focus on a superstar who is not even under contract with the WWE is highly disrespectful, as it diminishes the idea that the opponent is truly a threat. 

Even if Cena was not preparing to defend his world title, it has not benefited him to verbally assault The Rock.  This time was no different as Rocky pointed out glaring flaws in Cena’s arguments. 

Ultimately, two things were accomplished with The Rock’s latest promo.  First, he solidified the fact that Cena is indeed jealous of The Rock, as everything that Cena is doing currently, The Rock has already done bigger and better.  Cena is apparently having a difficult time accepting this obvious fact. 

Secondly, Rocky revealed the primary reason why the adult male demographic opposes John Cena.  According to The Rock, this group, of which Rocky is a member, not only can spot phoniness, but hates it.  He, in no uncertain terms, said that everything about John Cena is phony. 

These startling facts that The Rock pointed out about Cena should seriously raise questions in not only Cena, but WWE management.  First, when Cena has retired from the sport of professional wrestling, what will his legacy be? 

Does he truly want to go down as the Milli Vanilli of pro wrestling?  Can he rest with earning the money and the perks but none of the respect?  What will it take for the John Cena character to be respected? 

One of the saddest moments occurred on Raw which seeks to validate the fact that Cena and the WWE are under serious delusion.  In a promo against CM Punk, Cena compared himself to the likes of Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, and Kurt Angle. 

To state that Cena is not comparable to any of these wrestlers, especially when it comes to athletic ability and respectability, is a gross understatement.  Even sadder, he doesn’t compare to his upcoming opponent with either regard. 

Are Cena’s massive pushes, mainly as the face of the company, creating a delusion within his own mind that he is indeed in a class of the greats to whom he dared to compare himself? 

Could such a delusion be the reason he keeps antagonizing, The Rock – one of, if not, the most popular wrestlers in the history of the business – when Cena simply cannot compete with The Great One? 

Will Cena leave this business humiliated?  How long will he be a fraud? 

While he’s pondering these questions, Cena would do best to just…stop talking…at least about The Rock – unless he likes being put to shame.