Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: Week Nine

David ArreolaSenior Analyst INovember 3, 2008


Welcome my friends to the ninth edition of "Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers" The article that sparks more arguments than politics—ok maybe not politics, but you get my point.

Last week was Favre's default win as he tied up the score 4-4 with Rodgers. With bye weeks out of the way, the real competition can start.

Let’s do this thing.

Week Nine

New York Jets      26
Buffalo Bills          17

Brett Favre: 19-28, 201yds, 1 INT

The Good: Jets coach Eric Mangini told Favre before the game to "stop hitting on 20", a reference to Black Jack. Favre did just that. For the most part, Favre took care of the ball. He threw short and safe passes—something he needed to do against an agressive defense like Buffalo. Brett Favre added yet ANOTHER NFL record as he became the first player to win in 32 stadiums.

The Bad: The interception wasn't that bad. It was a terribly ran route on top of top notch coverage by the defense. Favre had pressure and trusted his arm. Sure he paid for it, but he redeemed himself as he led a long touchdown drive for the Jets.

Favre probably could have done more to help his team, but he didn't need to as the defense actually played a good game for once.

Green Bay Packers    16
Tennessee Titans     19

Aaron Rodgers: 22-41, 314yds, 1 TD 1 INT

The Good: Rodgers went crazy on the fourth ranked defense in the league. 314 yards is not an easy feat on this team. He did almost everything he could have done to win. He made big plays and made really good throws. He almost had two big gains to Greg Jennings, but the Titans secondary made fantastic plays to stop them.

The Bad: They did not win. That is what it comes down to. I hear talk about "Rodgers is doing his job, it’s the team that is losing." The quarterback's job is to WIN for your team. Sure he is statistically better than Favre at this point in the season, but he is not winning! A record of 4-4 is not what the Packers had in mind when they handed the job to Rodgers. Rodgers also failed to come through in the clutch when the Packers had two opportunities to win the game in regulation.

The Pick
The NFL is all about winning and quarterbacks are the players expected to do just that. Problem is, my article is not the NFL and it takes more than winning to win my pick. That is why Aaron Rodgers is my pick this week. He played the tougher of the two opponents and had superior stats.

Favre could have won this week if he had tossed a touchdown and avoided that interception, but Rodgers played too well against the undefeated Titans to give Favre this week.

Aaron Rodgers takes a 5-4 lead on Favre.

Final Thoughts
Whether you think Brett Favre is the best quarterback in NFL history or not, you cannot deny his productivity. Brett Favre's name comes up in so many records. Whether it is wins, starts, stats...whatever! When he retires (for good) he will be remembered as the most productive quarterback of all time.

Aaron Rodgers is playing well, but the Packers aren't winning. This team is better than 4-4 and I can't keep blaming injuries. Rodgers needs to maximize the play of his team as the leader. It’s time he stopped being content with his start and realize Favre's legacy was more than stats.

Next week the Packers play a crucial division game against the Vikings, while the Jets get to enjoy another "cup-cake" game against the Rams.