Oakland Raiders: Drastic Change Needed

Colin MehiganCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

The Raiders 24-0 loss to the Falcons was the worst performance from a professional football team since the 70's.

The players have stopped playing, the coaches have stopped coaching, and the fans are losing interest judging by the empty second half seats.

The decay of the Raiders must stop now. There are only two solutions that I can envisage.

Either Al Davis sells the Raiders or Al Davis appoints a General Manager and removes himself completely from executive personnel decision making. I believe that neither will happen as Al Davis, as we all know, is essentially the personification of the Raiders. Yet despite his devotion to the silver and black his judgement, decision making and leadership is non existent.

Roger Goodell needs to intervene and impose a GM of the NFL's choosing to run the Raiders. Otherwise, at this rate, our franchise, will die and could very well get relocated as this constant lack of competitiveness will not be tolerated by the league.

Roger Goodell is not a Commissioner who waits but is a Commissioner who acts. Action is now needed in Oakland.