Packer Fans Shouldn't Be Panicking Yet

John TylerContributor INovember 3, 2008

Yesterday’s game loss against the undefeated Tennessee Titians (8-0) is tough to swallow.  However, to all you Packers fans out there, you have to realize that this is only one loss.


The Packers dropped to an even 4-4 halfway through the season.  Now, there is no doubt that the Packers are still very capable of making the playoffs by winning the NFC North. 


Four of the Packers' next eight games come against division opponents, including next weeks game at Minnesota (4-4), followed by a home game against the much hated and division leading Chicago Bears (5-3).


If the Packers are able to win these next two weeks, then they will once again have total control of the NFC North and the loss yesterday will be quickly forgotten in Packer Nation. 


Now, if the Packers are unable to win next week in Minnesota, then this might be cause for concern because the rest of the schedule is not an easy path to the playoffs. 


Non-division games at New Orleans, Carolina, and Jacksonville should all be big tests for the GB Packers.


The Packers have the most talent in the NFC North and if they can put that into place on the field and win the much needed division games, I don’t think the out of conference games will have a big impact. 


Hopefully, the Pack can pull through next week and there will be no need to sweat the season out till the final game.  Even if the division comes down to the final week, you have to like the Packers' chances playing Detroit at home.