WWE: Why Would They Try to Ruin the Best Thing They've Had Going in Years?

Ura PendejoContributor IJuly 16, 2011

When CM Punk sat on the stage and started his rant three weeks ago at the end of Monday Night Raw, everyone got a shock.

Punk said a lot of things that no one thought would ever be said on WWE TV.

Most were things the IWC have been saying for awhile now, but that’s beside the point.

Punk had people talking about the WWE. Then they had to force John Cena into the situation. Did anyone really want Cena to come out and interrupt Punk last week on Raw?

I know I would have much rather have heard Punk go on.

Then Cena even had to join in on putting down the boss, Vincent K. McMahon.

Boy that was so forced it almost made me want to puke.

In my opinion that just ruined the whole segment between Vince and Phil, aka CM Punk. Again, Cena just seemed out of place. Was it really necessary for him to interject himself there?

Then, to top it all off, they had Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and Drew McIntyre making fun of Vince too.

Can you say overkill?

They pretty much took the only they had working for them and killed it because they were trying to find someone to keep it going when Punk up and leaves the company.

Sorry to tell them, but it doesn’t work for anyone other than CM Punk. He has the verbal skills to pull it off. Plus I really buy into him actually feeling that way.

John Cena? Not so much.

And as for anyone else, well I just don’t see it happening.

What’s you guys' opinions on this? Did anyone else feel this way?