Oklahoma's Defense Key to Sooner Win Over Nebraska

Jeff Johnson@@mpg_jjohnsonCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Oklahoma’s slaughter of Nebraska this last weekend is proof that the defense reads their own press.  With so much being said about the Oklahoma defense not being a contender after the loss of Ryan Reynolds earlier this season, it looked as if they were tired of hearing it.  The defense set the tone for this contest and did it in style.

On Nebraska’s first play of the game, cornerback Dominique Franks intercepted Nebraska quarterback Joe Ganz for an 18-yard touchdown return.  Nebraska’s second drive ended abruptly with a fumble that Oklahoma recovered.  Their third possession ended like the first, with DB Lendy Holmes returning an interception 26 yards to the nine-yard line.

This is how most of Nebraska’s day went.  Their average starting field position was at their own 22-yard line, and it wasn’t until their sixth possession that the defense allowed them into the end zone.

What negative things can we say about this newly retooled and invigorated Oklahoma defense?  Granted, Nebraska’s offense is not all-world right now.  But that does not negate the fact that the Oklahoma defense came out and did their job very well.

The defense might have given up 418 yards, but when they are able to give the offense great field position throughout the game, it can be excused.

With big games still left against Texas A&M, No. 1 Texas Tech, and No. 9 Oklahoma State, the defense knows it still has its work cut out.  But everyone is glad to see that they are not giving up this season.