What Happened to All the Tony Romo Haters? Where Did You All Go?

Andrew PargoffCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

It's funny that I haven't read an article about the resurgence of Brad Johnson's career in 2008. How Brad Johnson comes in for an injured Tony Romo and wins games. After all, it was a countless number of people on this very web site bashing Tony Romo.

Things like Tony Romo is merely a product of his environment. After all, the Dallas Cowboys have the league's largest offensive line by a wide margin. Also, the Dallas Cowboys have Marion Barber III and Felix Jones in the backfield. They have one of the top three tight ends in the NFL in Jason Witten.

I forgot to mention they have Terrell "I love me some me" Owens, Patrick Crayton, Roy E. Williams (whom Romo has not played with to date), Miles Austin, and company to throw the ball to.

Tony Romo is just a average quarterback with the luck of playing for a team where he is surrounded by talent. I haven't heard that since he went down with the injury to his throwing hand against Arizona. You know why? Because Brad Johnson took over for him and has not played even mildly well. I understand Brad Johnson got a win, but he also has two losses now if I'm not mistaken. TO THE ST. LOUIS RAMS? Tony Romo wouldn't lose to the Rams, I'm sorry. I don't care what anyone else says.

Brad Johnson's passer rating is 50.5, compared to Romo's 103.5. I know that is one of the least important statistics in sports, though. Tony Romo's mobility is something that is missed. Romo was sacked seven times before his injury. In three games, Johnson has already been sacked EIGHT times.

Romo is 128 for 200 with 14 touchdowns and five interceptions. Johnson is 41 for 78 with two touchdowns and five interceptions. Not only is Romo more efficient at quarterback, he's more prolific, he can make the big play on his own, he can make plays with his feet, and he does not have to be in the pocket to make a big play. You know the Cowboys miss him. How much does Terrell Owens miss him? He hasn't had a big game since Romo's been out.

They even benched Johnson for Brooks Bollinger yesterday. If the Cowboys are so good, how come Johnson can't do what Romo managed to do for all that time?

Yes, Romo is prone to turn the ball over at a slightly higher rate than the next starting quarterback, and he has not won a playoff game, but his career is young. This won't be his year since the Cowboys are likely done and out of the playoff hunt, but he will win playoff games. He'll go back to more Pro Bowls, and he'll do more Pepsi commercials.

This proves why Tony Romo is one of the most, if not THE most, valuable players, to his team, in the NFL. I'm not talking about the award. I'm saying honestly, in my belief, Tony Romo is more valuable to the Dallas Cowboys than everybody outside of Tom Brady to the Patriots, Peyton Manning to the Colts, LaDanian Tomlinson to the Chargers, and maybe a few more.

This is to all those Tony Romo haters, who have all seemingly disappeared since Brad Johnson has struggled to manage an offense that should put up 30 points a game. Not a surprise, but come out of hiding at least. I miss reading the belligerent rants of the Tony Romo hater.