MLB Realignment: Houston Astros to American League West?

Adam BernacchioAnalyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

The Astros and Rangers would have a natural rivalry in the AL West.
The Astros and Rangers would have a natural rivalry in the AL West.Bob Levey/Getty Images

Two sources close to the Major League Baseball realignment plan have told Arizona Diamondbacks" target="_blank">Fox Sports Arizona’s Jack MacGruder that if Major League Baseball were to go to two leagues of 15 teams each, the Houston Astros would move to the American League West.

Right now, the National League has 16 teams and the American League has 14.

On the surface, this move would make sense. The AL West only has four teams and the Astros would have a natural rivalry with the Texas Rangers.

However, I would be against making the leagues even.

Making the leagues even would put an end to interleague play and make it the norm. Every day a team from the NL would have to play a team from the AL because, with an odd number of teams in each league, there’s no way one team can be off every day.

I am probably in the minority, but I have never been a fan of interleague play to begin with. I thought what made baseball unique was the fact that the leagues didn’t play each other, which made the All-Star game and World Series more special.

Since the 2012 schedule has already been produced, if there is a realignment, it most likely won’t take place until 2013.