Timo Glock: The Real F1 Champion?

Gerard ElliottCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

Imagine: You're fifth in the last Formula One race of the season, two laps to go, fifth place is all you need to take the world championship. Rain is a possibility so you and several other cars have intermediate tires on.

Sebastian Vettel racing for Toro Rosso overtakes you, with nothing to win himself it seems an arrogant and aggressive move. This put you down to sixth, meaning you will be drawing on points with Fellipe Massa, but unfortunately for you Massa will win the championship on race wins.

Fast-forward to the second to last corner Timo Glock has slowed down dramatically allowing you to easily pass gifting you the world championship. Massa is already celebrating and so is his family. Two families are now celebrating only a few hundred yards away from each other. You pass the line and are crowned world champion.

This is what it was like in the final few minutes of the Brazilian Grand Prix for Lewis Hamilton. Both me and a friend (MikeyRigby) think that Timo Glock had seen Vettels aggressiveness and decided to allow Hamilton to easily pass him. Of course some people will argue that Glock was running in dry tires and was struggling to keep his toyota on the road well after Hamilton had took him over.

It is also well known Hamilton and Glock are very good friends, could this be a factor at all? Me and MikeyRigby reckon Glock should get more attention and this case should be discussed. Did he allow Hamilton to pass? Did he not? Why did he let Hamilton to pass if at all? Answers on a post card please...