Confirmed English Premier League Home Kits for 2011-2012

Adrian Agius@@agius2nvAnalyst IJuly 15, 2011

Confirmed English Premier League Home Kits for 2011-2012

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    Some of the home kits for 2011/2012 have been released

    Many teams have stuck to a traditional look, but other have gone out on a limb, supporting a new look.

    On that "new look," just wait till we take a look at the away kits, some are absolute shockers. But I will discuss them later. For now, take a look at the kit your team will play in for most of the season.

    NOTE: All home kits have not been OFFICIALLY released; "leaked" images are not posted.

    What do you think of your favourite team's kit?

    Which kit do you like the best?

    Which ones don't cut it?

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Arsenal 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Arsenal are supporting a very similar kit to last season, with the exception being the change in the emblem. You will notice the addition of a white wreath. The purpose of the wreath is to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Arsenal Football Club, which will be coming up shortly.

    In terms of finer details notice:

     - Removal of red on the sleeves

     - Removal of white on the collar

    Not that much of a change, but overall a much sleeker design.

Bolton Wanderers 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Bolton officially unveiled their kits to the public via Twitter. The kit has undergone some change from last year with the addition of much more navy blue on the top half of the jersey.

    The shorts entertain a much more streamlined look, with the removal of the Reebok "slashes" down the sides. The snippet of white found on the kit matches the jersey, providing a more cohesive kit when put together.

Chelsea FC 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Supporting their traditional blue theme, Chelsea's 2011-2012 kit makes little changes.

    Although, subtle changes to last year's jersey have been made:

    Including the vague darker blue stripes across the chest of the jersey. Along with this, both the sleeves and shorts have received a touch up. The white stripes on each have been accentuated, clearly distinguishing the sleeves and shorts from a distance.

    The presence of white around the collar has also been reduced, perhaps to compensate for the addition of white around the sleeves.

Everton 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    The addition of an incision in the collar of the jersey is probably the most noticeable of changes in the 2011-2012 kit. Everton have added a touch of yellow to their jersey, perhaps to match the away kit, which has also been released.

    The socks have also received a colour change, seeing the once plain white turn to a blue that matches the jersey.

Fulham 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Fulham have decided to add a bit of black to their 2011-2012 kit.

    The sides of the shirt and shorts will support a black colour. The added black colour also carries through to the top of the socks which have a thicker black stripe across the top.

    To balance the use of extra use of black (in comparison to last year) on the shirt, Fulham have made their shorts predominately white, which is in stark contrast to the completely black shorts supported in last years kit.

Newcastle 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    The famous black and white of Newcastle once again shine through in their kit. Although in comparison to last year, there are noticably less stripes on the jersey.

    A combination of a thicker width and a solid black fill down the side of the jersey are testament to this new look.

    The sleeves are plain white with a black rim around each end.

Manchester City 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Aside from the flashy launch of their 2011-2012 kit, City are wearing an almost identical kit to last year. Although there is a subtle change, which is hard to notice from a distance.

    City dub it the "soundwave."  The small dots on the chest of the jersey resemble a sound wave.

    The sound wave is actually a capture of City fans singing "Blue Moon," which is surely a gesture which will win over a few more sales

Manchester United 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    United unveil their new kit with not many changes.

    Although in saying that, I must mention the black and white collar that accentuates the shirt. Whether it is a welcome addition is to be decided by United fans around the world.

    There is also a removal of the white stripes down the sides of the sleeves, adding to the plain red feel of the new shirt.

Norwich City 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Norwich, in their traditional colours, have made a big fuss of the fact that their jersey was made in Italy (they aren't in for Sneijder are they?).

    Aside from this, there is a removal of the green colour on each side of the chest. Instead, the colour has been moved to the sleeves and is wrapped around the rim of each sleeve.

    The yellow stripe down each side of the shorts has also been removed, instead leaving a plain green style.

Swansea 2011-212 Home Kit

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    After earning a promotion, Swansea have given their jersey a touch up, adding black stripes down the shoulders. As well as this, their collar is accentuated by the thick black rim that now wraps around it.

    The stripes are probably best attributed to the fact that they have a new shirt sponsor in the form of Addidas (Umbro last year). In turn, the trademark Addidas stripes have become quite prominent on the jersey.

Tottenham 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    The removal of the navy blue colour across the shoulders are the most prominent of changes in the new Tottenham kit. The navy blue colour on the rim of the sleeves has also been removed.

    The almost completely white shirt, sees the removal of the white patch on the shorts. The socks have also lost the stripe which was a third of a way down in the 2010-2011 kit.

West Bromich 2011-2012 Home Kit

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    Thicker stripes and the removal of a collar are the first noticeable changes in the West Brom kit.

    Once again, the change of sponsor from Umbro to Addidas has seen an addition of the trademark stripes down the sides of the shirt and the shorts.

    The sleeves are plain white instead of being striped as they were last year. A new sponsor also graces the front of the jersey.

Wolverhampton 2011-2012 Kit

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    Wolverhampton haven't changed much in this 2011-2012 kit.

    Adding a small black line across the front of the jersey beneath the emblem seem to be the only addition to the traditional orange shirt. A new sponsor sees the removal of the bands around the side of the sleeves (which are usually a trademark with Addidas as well as the stripes).

    The collar has been removed and instead rounded, giving an overall sleeker feel.