Liverpool FC: 3 Reasons Why I'm Really Looking Forward to Next Season

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIIJuly 16, 2011

Liverpool FC: 3 Reasons Why I'm Really Looking Forward to Next Season

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    Last season was for Liverpool what a bad plane journey is for passengers: turbulent, uncomfortable and nerve racking, with a touch of relief when it comes to an end.

    However, Liverpool seem to have regained control of what was a disaster, and against all odds have emerged in great shape. New signings have strengthened the squad, and our managerial situation is resolved. 

    So then, there are many reasons for the average Liverpool fan to be happy, and this list will show you in detail why I am expectant for the coming campaign.

1. We Have a Competetive Squad

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    A left winger has been on the agenda for a surprisingly long time, yet it's taken about five years to get a relatively competent one (seen above).

    Frustrating flops like Albert Reira, Ryan Babel, and most noticeably Milan Jovanovic have dented Liverpool's wallet before leaving.

    The arrivals of a left winger, Stuart Downing; a new pass master, Charlie Adam; and young talent in Jordan Henderson look to be good signings, but we'll have to reserve proper judgement until the end of next season.

    Also, our forwards look like the best in the league, which is a major hint that I am a Liverpool fan.

    However, I can justify that statement, as Luis Suarez has been an instant hit, and Andy Carroll has shown brilliance before. Also, Downing is seemingly proven, so a 4-3-3 with Gerrard and Adam providing ammunition should be a pretty scary prospect for opposition.

2. Mangerial Stability

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    After the (for lack of another word) pathetic lead of Roy Hodgson, it's a relief to have a manager who is both supported by the Anfield faithful and gets the job done. Kenny Dalglish has breathed confidence into a Liverpool side that was in dire need of it.

    How many times in the beginning of the last campaign, was there no one in the box? A lot of the time.

    This is epitomized by a clip I saw yesterday, of one Martin Skrtel attempting a trick in the opposition penalty area. The trick worked surprisingly, but the fact is, under other management, no defender would be near the eleven metre spot.

    Now, those days are over.

    An improvement there, then. The other advantage of Dalglish is that he's been there before. Let me explain: 

    Had Rafa Benitez ever walked onto the Anfield pitch as a player? Judging by the fact that he deformed his face when he tried to pass the ball a couple of seasons ago back to Gerrard for a throw in, I'd say no.

    Neither has Roy Hodgson.

    Kenny Dalglish was the leader of the Liverpool team not too long ago, which means the players will have that extra bit of respect for him as a manger.   

3. Steven Gerrard

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    A friend of mine is convinced she is Steven Gerrard, and she certainly does have some if his vital qualities.

    For example, confidence.

    When Gerrard walks onto a football pitch, he never looks down. He's always up for the challenge, which is exactly what you'd expect from a captain.

    Believe me, taking a wand out in the middle of a festival and screaming expecto patronum! With an impressive Potter style scar on your head takes guts.

    It may be misplaced, but it still demonstrates confidence.

    Steven Gerrard is a natural-born leader, and he is always up for giving advice and helping teammates through things. This quality is essential as a role model for a team: It raises moral, and that seems to be of the order in Liverpool's new regime.

    Like Gerrard, wannabe Gerrard is extremely vocal about her opinions.

    Time and time again, she'll tell everyone around her things like: "That guy was fit!" or "Ewwwww, did you see what he was wearing?"

    It's embarrassing, but funny at the same time. I'll stick with funny.

    The one thing that they don't have in common, besides gender, looks, and country of residence, is football skills.

    Gerrard is arguably one the best midfielders out there, and should he stay fit next season, he will be crucial to the campaign.

    I'm going to get slaughtered for saying this, but wannabe Gerrard doesn't have an overwhelming gift for football. But we love her all the same.


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    There are many other reasons why I'm expectant, but those reasons seem to be the most important.

    As always, a pleasure writing for you!