Eagles-Seahawks: David Akers Kicks Philly to Win

Kieran CarobineContributor INovember 3, 2008

"We've got things rolling right now."

That is what Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said after Philadelphia beat the Seahawks 26-7 in Seattle Sunday.

Rolling? More like kicking. David Akers kicked four field goals in the victory, when the offense sputtered and failed to score.

A win is a win, of course. But with the Giants coming off a big win against the Cowboys this past week, should Philly faithful be worried about an offense that seems dependent on the foot of Akers?  

The Eagles can not plan to win a game of field goals. The Giants' offense is far too potent not to take advantage of scoring opportunities.

Am I crazy? If the Philly offense doesn't show up in full effect, do they have a chance?