Denver Broncos Fans Are Haunted By Phantom Pass-Interference Call

Rob SteeleCorrespondent INovember 3, 2008

As scary as it sounds, Denver Broncos fans are trying to blame their loss on one play that was called back as a result of a pass-interference penalty.

Even though the Miami defense forced three Jay Cutler interceptions and held the Broncos to only 14 rushing yards, Denver fans live in denial.

Brandon Marshall's phantom 77-yard touchdown catch was a perfect example of how not to cheat. If you are going to be a playmaker, you must be able to do it without cheating, despite whether he cheated a little or a lot. The fact of the matter is, he still cheated.

Why can't Denver fans highlight that Greg Camarillo set a career high with 111 yards receiving instead of focusing on a cheating, subpar receiver ?

I will also give some credit where credit is do; Eddie Royal played an amazing game. His 95-yard kickoff return was incredible and sparked some life into the Broncos. This was a good example of how to cheat. The two blocks in the back that weren't called allowed this incredible play to happen.

So, in closing, Brandon Marshall, if you are going to cheat, hang out with Eddie Royal more often. He can show you some tricks. I do feel bad for Denver though, and I will go ahead and give them that Marshall touchdown. I'll also give them a two-point conversion as well. 26-25 Dolphins. So I guess it wouldn't of mattered anyway.

So kids, remember, cheaters never win.