MMA Knockout of the Day: Carlos Condit's Knee Leaves Dong Hyun Kim Seeing Stars

Sal DeRose@@TheSalDeRoseCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2011

Out of the UFC 132 Results came a big flying knee knockout victory for Carlos Condit over Dong Hyun Kim.

Now I chose this specific video for a reason—the funny country music that seems to play a fitting role for this knockout.

Condit and Kim came into this fight seemingly on the cusp of becoming one of the top contenders in the welterweight division. Kim actually thought that a win here would give him a shot at GSP or Nick Diaz depending on who would win the UFC 137 welterweight title showdown.

Condit set up this knockout with a front kick attempt that whiffed. That attempt though helped setup a flying knee that dropped Kim to the ground and let Condit use Kim’s head as bag practice to finish the fight with a couple extra shots to Kim.

This fight was Kim’s first career loss, and the fight gave Condit a shot at B.J. Penn a UFC 137.

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