A Horrible End to a Horrible Week, Cesc for Captain, And Play the Kids Midweek

kenny smithContributor INovember 2, 2008


I have been busy this weekend and been having problems with my internet connection so i have been unable to fend off the flack that Spurs fans seem to think they have the right to give me after the jammiest win in the history of their ridiculous football club.

I didn't see the game against Stoke, I had to settle for audio commentary and reading reports on the game.

It sounds as if we "lacked spine". What I know for sure we did lack was a sensible team selection. Arsene Wenger picked four central midfielders—Abou Diaby, Denilson, Cesc Fabregas, and Alex Song.

What the hell was he thinking about? No width whatsoever. I think he was trying to out muscle Stoke...why?? The only time Stoke are ever going to threaten us is at throw-in's. Stoke are a technically inferior side to Arsenal (no offense Stoke fans) so why didn't we just play our normal team?

Okay, Stoke might have been physical but who isn't against us nowadays? It turns out that Rory Delap's throw-ins decided the game. Once again poor defending from dead balls from us but the guy has some throw!

Maire has rubbed it in by saying I told you so.

I think the players must have still been suffering from the Spurs game. Apparently Adebayor looked as if he didn't want to be there—but I don't want to point fingers at players. The manager is in the wrong here.

Poor, poor team selection and tactics. Although Robin van Persie was really stupid to get sent off and with Ade and Theo injured then that leaves us with little attacking options for our next league game—which happens to be against Manchester United.

We need a leader and Cesc Fabregas has said this week that he wants to win things with Arsenal and he would love to be captain. He couldn't make a worse job of it than  William Gallas or Kolo Toure are just now. I think Arsene Wenger should give it a go. Who knows, it might even work. Which ever way you look at it we need something to change.

So I propose to give the players a rest to get mentally and physically ready for Manchester United next weekend and put out our Carling Cup team for the Champions League game at home to Fenerbahce.

They did very well against Sheffield Utd and although Fenerbahce are a different prospect I think a whole team of fresh players ready to go and ready to impress could do a job on them. We have almost qualified from the group anyway and I think its a risk we can afford to take!

Something has got to change somewhere. If it really is all down to Arsene then I'm afraid to say he must go. A lot of fans just now are after Wenger's head so he needs to do something and quick to restore the fans faith in his ability.