Money in the Bank: How the Raw MITB Match Will Determine the Outcome of the PPV

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIJuly 15, 2011

His name is......
His name is......Gallo Images/Getty Images

It should be no surprise that the matches at the Money In The Bank PPV will be entertaining. The lineup is very promising. It consists of three championship matches, two MITB matches, and the battle of the giants of Mark Henry vs. Big Show.

To be honest, the only weak match here is the Divas Championship match. The reason being that the division is weak and there is nothing that can get me excited about it. They all look nice, that I will give, but their finishers are comical and their wrestling is just boring.

Now that I got that off my chest, let me continue on the topic.

What could I mean when I say the RAW MITB ladder match will determine the PPV's outcome?

Well, in my last article I stated that I believe from the happenings of this and the last couple of weeks that the winner of the MITB ladder match for Raw will come down to the ring, cash the contract in, and beat C.M Punk after he has disposed of Cena.

There is another reason why I believe Punk will lose. The reason is who I think will win that match; Alberto Del Rio. Yes, I think Alberto Del Rio will win that match and come down to the ring and take the belt away from the newly crowned champ

Why? Because that is something he would do and I know WWE has been trying to give him the belt for quite some time now.

Since he came to the WWE he was supposed to be the new champion. He won the Royal Rumble with putting the belt on him in mind. He lost to Edge at WrestleMania because they planned on furthering the storyline of the two.

Edge ended up retiring due to injury after the win. With the title vacant, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give the World Heavy Weight strap to Del Rio at the PPV. It was Del Rio vs. Christian.

Del Rio lost again in order to set up the current storyline of Orton and Christian. Since then he has been moved to Raw and is hoping to fulfill his destiny of becoming Champion.

I believe it will happen.

Let us take a look at the participants of the Raw MITB match. We got Del Rio, of course, The Miz, Riley, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, and Kofi Kingston.

Just by saying their names we could tell already who will not win. Rey Mysterio,  Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Kofi and Bourne. Mysterio had his time with the title and his contract is ending soon.

Swagger is not being pushed huge at all currently; R-Truth doing his conspiracy bit is going well, too well to disturb it.

For Kofi, it never seems like WWE wants to give him his title shot. He certainly has earned it, but I doubt the WWE would give him the bank with the others involved. Bourne, not a chance. He is there to do a shooting star press off a ladder and that is it.

I am looking forward to that. =D

That leads to Del Rio, Riley, and The Miz. Let's face it, The Miz knows how to put on a show. He is talented in the ring and on the mic. He has won this before and to be quite honest, it would no surprise to me if he proved me wrong and won this.

If Miz did win, you know for a FACT he would cash that baby in the same night if he had the chance.

Riley is a rising star. Not to mention he is way over with the fans. The week after he attacked Miz the entire arena was chanting his name.

Sure, his mic work could use some tweaking, but his in-ring ability is par with Miz's. He went from being an annoying character to a well-liked, talented face.

If he was to win there is no way he would cash it in on Punk that night. He would gloat about it and rub it in The Miz's face. I hope I am proven wrong by Riley winning the briefcase.

Finally, Alberto Del Rio. WWE is HIGH on this guy. He was meant to be the champ the moment he walked though those WWE doors. He sells his heel attitude and he accomplishes annoying the hell out of us when he cuts a promo.

With the situation the way it is, there will be no other perfect set up to hand Del Rio the title. Like I mentioned, Punk wins, Del Rio comes, puts the cross armbreaker on him, new champ.

That would set up Cena and Del Rio feud for the summer.

This sounds like exactly like something WWE would do. WWE has been looking for ways to crown their future star for a long time now and I believe that by either The Miz or Del Rio winning (most likely Del Rio), it will be predictable that they will march down the ramp and cash it in the moment the main event is over.

It is something I am not looking forward to, but it is something I expect.

What do you all think? Do you believe whoever wins will determine the outcome of the PPV? Leave me a comment. Here is my previous article in case you are interested: