Oakland Raiders Ready for AFC West and Super Bowl Win in 2011

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2011

QB Matt Cassell felt the pressure of the Silver and Black as he gets pounded in Kansas.
QB Matt Cassell felt the pressure of the Silver and Black as he gets pounded in Kansas.Tim Umphrey/Getty Images

It's almost unimaginable to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC West title last season.

The Chiefs embarrassed themselves twice in their last two games. The Oakland Raiders decimated the Chiefs in their final game of the regular season with a 31-10 pummeling. It's very possible that the Raiders exposed too many weaknesses because the Chiefs went to the AFC playoffs to take another pounding which left them dead. Back to back losses. They failed to represent one of NFL's toughest divisions.

They were an embarrassment to the AFC West.

The Oakland Raiders had more than shown that they could take the AFC West title, The Raiders dominated the AFC West and had they won one simple game they would have been the strongest to represent the AFC West.

So to turn the tables this season the and win more games, Al Davis picked up new coaches and also drafted some stellar players. The NFL Lockout will soon be over (hopefully) and the Raiders can look to drafting a veteran LT to strengthen the offensive front.

The Oakland Raiders are a team that has been legendary. They have always been known for dominating the AFC West and up until their last appearance as Super Bowl contenders they maintained the "torch" and somehow, the light went out. It was truly dark in Oakland.

Enter the magic of owner Al Davis who went out and picked up all around players that improved the Oakland Raiders and turned heads last season. Names like Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Jacoby Ford and Louis Murphy to spark the organization.

Defensively, the addition of  former Patriot, Richard Seymour infected the D-line with a "winning attitude." The new defense of the Oakland Raiders is huge, fast and very aggressive. Players like Kamerion Wimbley and Tommy Seymour have flourished in the land of Silver and Black. In fact, they were determinants the Raider domination last season. Yes, the 6-0 against AFC West rivals. Richard Seymour is simply pure power and has been a true leader for the Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders proved to billions across the universe that they are the strongest as they defeated their AFC West rivals twice. It was basically a wake up call the the NFL that the Oakland Raiders are not a low level team. They are of the same caliber of elite teams. They have the defense, the offense and drive to pummel teams with "pride and poise."

There are are a few hundred Oakland Raider "haters" that feel the success of Oakland last year was merely a fluke. But in 2011 the correct team will be representing the AFC West.Yes, the Oakland Raiders.

Not only have they proven to themselves that they can handle the division, they are aware that by having fewer mistakes next season will mean a playoff berth and if the Oakland Raiders make it into the playoffs, then consider it Super Bowl win number four for the "Silver and Black Attack."

Head coach  Hue Jackson did an amazing job with Darren McFadden. He allowed the running back to run the way he likes and it has proved advantageous for the Raiders and damaging to rivals. The Oakland Raiders gained respect last season as they played great football and this season will only get better as QB Jason Campbell finally has a team to call home. This will be his second season as a Raider and with "pocket comfort" should be able to pick apart defenses.

The Oakland Raiders will be the team to watch next season. In fact they will be the focus of most sports analyst as they work to take the division. The sad fact is that most analyst seem to oppose any positives from the Raider Organization. Yet, because the Raiders are a proud team they and their fans accept the media as being indifferent.  

The San Diego Chargers, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos will all remember the losses they received last season. Actually the humiliation. It brings a smile to every Raider fan when recollecting the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos historic demoralizing in Denver. 59-14.

Looking back at last season it easy to see why opponents will want some payback but it will never happen. The Oakland Raiders have balance now on both sides of the ball.The wide receivers should be improved this season and let me just mention LB Rolando McClain. A "punisher" in all means of the word.

The Raiders are tough, mean, and ready to hurt opponents in 2011. They are on their way to take what is rightfully theirs and NOT embarrass the division. The Oakland Raiders are back, this is no fluke. You can only hold down a champion for so long and then, well "heart and will step in." The heartbeat is back in Oakland.