Money in the Bank: Let Us All Say Good Bye to C.M. Punk

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIJuly 14, 2011

C.M Punk during his promo
C.M Punk during his promo

The WWE has shown that it is capable of doing things right from time to time in the PG Era.

Well, in terms of having the right ideas, at least.

What the WWE is actually good at is completely annihilating any great potential it has, Nexus being the most recent instance of this.

Everyone who saw Nexus's emergence at RAW last year thought that it could have been the start of something big in the WWE: That young talent was now going to shine and compete with the main-eventers such as Cena, Orton, Edge, etc.

They came close, close, to realizing all of that. What kept them from doing so?

Super Cena of course!

The usual, 10-minute beat down of Cena before he, out of no where, is stronger than superman, and eliminates Gab and Barret within three minutes of each other.

The end of a possible youth movement on a colossal scale because Vince just couldn’t put them over the bigger guys and have the brass say “yes” to the them, despite his expressed disappointment with the youth in the WWE right now.

Look at Nexus now. Despite their being tag team champions, no one can say they take them seriously. They were potentially great talents that went to waste. They just boiled down to a punchline for Cena's jokes the next weeks after Summerslam.

They wore out their welcome afterward, and we got sick of seeing them doing the same things over and over. Heck, even their sales went to poor figures after the loss.

They have not done anything major since Randy Orton, and he is now on Smackdown.

Nexus is now just a random bunch of people, led by Punk, who has not done anything himself recently because of this current storyline and his contract possibly expiring.

Speaking of CM Punk, the WWE is, again, at the spotlight of the wrestling community for all the right reasons: they have the huge potential to change their direction.

CM Punk is hot off doing some of the best promos in the WWE since the beginning of the century. All the WWE has to do to maintain its momentum is to hand Punk the title at MITB and have Vince suddenly shift to Punk’s side.

Just imagine tuning into RAW the night after MITB and seeing Punk standing in the ring with the title, shaking Vince’s hand after explaining that all of this was a ploy to screw Cena out of the title and bring it into Punk’s hands permanently.

Cena would be fired, and Punk would have his reign as the face of RAW.

The idea is enticing and shocking to think about, but that is just one potential direction they could take the match out of the many people may have read about already.

From what has taken place on Raw this week, MITB seems like it will have one hell of a main event going.

I would be lying to everyone if I said i was not going to watch it. Everyone who is even a mild wrestling fan is going to watch it.

Everyone better enjoy it because it will be the last time we will see CM Punk in the WWE for quite a while.

The WWE has not suggested to anyone that CM Punk might win the strap at the PPV.

The media surrounding MITB has proven it. The strongest piece of evidence was The Rock's recent calling out of Cena. (This can be seen in the embedded video.)

Now, for the people who haven't watched it already, The Rock said he was going to beat Cena up in the place where everyone first chanted his name. Most people are speculating that it will be at Survivor Series, but even if it were not there and he meant somewhere else, the key word was soon.

That suggests that Cena will be sticking around after the PPV. Unless the Rock shows up at MITB and helps cost Cena the title, that means bye bye to CM Punk.

Also, do not forget what Punk did while on tour to a fan. He called him a bunch of homophobic names.

GLAAD got a hold of this and spoke to the WWE, but no punishment was instilled because the comments were not made at a live televised event, the scene was not scripted, and the WWE told GLAAD that Punk was leaving in a couple of weeks due to his contract being up.

Unless they disciplined him behind doors, outside of Punk's personal apology, WWE basically told GLAAD that they will not do anything to him because he will be gone soon. I would like to see that somehow being part of the storyline.

Punk brought up something very valid on Raw this past week: Vince is not going to fire Cena. He makes the WWE too much money and his merchandise sales are through the roof. To think that the WWE will really depart with Cena is very childish thinking.

Also, does anyone reading this really think that WWE can even write a script in which Cena loses cleanly or in general at a PPV?

Yes, at Wrestlemania he lost, but we knew that was going to happen: The Rock was there, they were building up his involvement, and it was nice to see Cena get rock bottomed. 

Google search it. It will not show a clean loss to anyone but to Triple H.

Those days are long gone.

Here is what will happen: If Cena does lose to Punk, he is only fired if he walks out the champ. Here comes the MITB winner, who will cash it in and win the belt.

Situation solved.

The WWE stays, Punk is out, and we get to see a new champion. Just not Punk.

I try hard, but no matter how many times I think about the possible outcomes suggested on this site and the ones I myself have come up with—no matter how perfect or ridiculous they sound—I cannot see the WWE ever letting Cena get dropped and letting go.

Even if Punk signs a new contract, he will probably use the intermittent time as vacation and come back months from now.

I am going to hate watching it; I am going to hate hearing the music of the MITB winner playing after Punk wins.

But it is something I am already expecting.

I am saying this now folks: Give up hope for Punk walking out as the champ.

The WWE is incapable of finishing a great idea, making it last as long as it can, or thinking long term. They have proved it time and time again.

I do not expect it to be any different this time.


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