NFLWeek 9: How They Lost It

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008


Cowboys 14, Giants 35

A few quick thoughts regarding the absence of Romo. Obviously, teams are going to stack the box and make either Johnson or Bollinger beat them, but this really cannot account for the pitiful display of football the 'boys have put on. 

"Run the Ball. Stop the Run. Win." —(pg. 1, The Holy Bible Of Football)

The Cowboys have one of the most dominating lines in football anchored by a massive right guard, a couple of very good tackles, and the man who got his face stomped by Mr. Haynesworth and can still eat solid food let alone play football.

With Marion Barber back there, there's no reason why they should be able to run the ball against eight and nine man fronts at least well enough to keep teams honest—as backwards as that sounds.  Atlanta does it, Chicago does it, Baltimore does it, Washington does it, and Minnesota does it.  Brad Johnson is in the same league as Ryan, Orton, Flacco, Campell, and Good Old Gus, so what is the problem?

They either miss Julius Jones (no) or they've decided they just don’t care for it (yes).  The games are getting out of hand pretty early because the Cowboys simply cannot stop the run with the scheme they're in.

Marcus Spears is a good 3-4 end, and  Canty has been a nice surprise since he's been in the league but who's manning the Nose? Follow that up the gut, and you've got smallish ILBs unable to fight through the blocks and maintain any sort of gap responsibilities—let alone pursuit.

One final note: Jenkins looked good for the majority of tonight. Did the Cowboys even need Adam Jones and the trouble he brings?


Chiefs 27, Bucs 30

Matt Bryant Kicked a 34-Yard field goal: 30-27. It’s just fun to recite.

The opposing teams QB flanks out wide, please ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Is the Ball in the air?
  2. Has he passed five yards?

If the answer to these questions is "no", knock him to his ass. Trying to injure someone is against the spirit of the game, but trying to hurt someone is part of the game. Why teams do not take this opportunity to have a free shot at the QB is beyond me.


Bills 17, Jets 26

Lynch sickened by 100-yard dash. I suppose that's why they do the 40 at the combine.

Browns 27, Ravens 37

Both starting CB's out and you put up 219 yards passing?

Detroit 23, Chicago 27

She was drunk and lonely and you forgot your rubber at home. That's why you're a virgin.