The 20 Corniest Athletes in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIJuly 14, 2011

The 20 Corniest Athletes in Sports

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    Ever seen an interview, commercial or report on something an athlete has done and thought to yourself, "Man, that was awkward," or possibly, "How much harder could they have been trying to get attention?"

    Just like among the people you know, there are a handful of athletes who are, beyond a reasonable doubt, the cheesiest people in all of sports. Sometimes it comes off as cute and adorable how corny they are, but other times it just makes you roll your eyes.  

    So here is a list of 20 of the corniest players in sports.  

20. Ron Artest

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    Ron Artest is an amazing athlete and seemingly great teammate, but sometimes he has some really awkward moments where it's hard to tell if he's being serious or just trying to be funny in an awful cheesy way.

    This post-game press conference may be one of his cheesiest moments of all. It was adorable and cute how excited he was about winning, but it was just over the top.  

19. Joe Montana

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    During his heyday, Joe Montana's name was everywhere and on everything, including the famous Disney commercial that has followed many Super Bowl finales which ends with one of the winning team's players yelling, "I'm going to Disney World!"

    His commercials were some of the cheesiest ever made with a celebrity athlete—and he keeps making them.

18. LeBron James

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    LeBron James has proven himself to be one of the best athletes in the NBA, but that hasn't saved him from some pretty corny moments including his special "The Decision" and his most recent All-State commercial.

    His acting is especially what has landed him on this list. It's hilarious and entertaining, but so corny.  

17. Tiger Woods

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    Unlike some of the other athletes on this list, Tiger Woods makes it on for a less humorous reason. 

    His commercial Nike produced, trying to show how remorseful and sorry he was for cheating on his wife with all those women, felt very fake; like all his remorse-fullness, which was most likely very real, was all a front to win back his fans and endorsements.  

16. John Daly

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    I think John Daly has made it on this list for a pretty obvious reason...his pants. Never in the history of golf has their been more ugly or cheesy pants than those worn to every open and tournament by this legend. 

15. Darnell Dockett

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    This football player seems to be acting more like a reality TV star than a professional athlete.

    Between pretending to adopt an alligator and tweet-fighting with PETA, and tweeting about being pulled over for a traffic violation, is this guy trying to make a name for himself or is this who he really is?

    Either which way, his corny over-the-top behavior is awesome to watch. 

14. Lance Armstrong

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    Just everything this guy does comes off as corny. 

13. Gilbert Arenas

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    He is seriously that into himself that he gave himself his own nickname? 

    Nicknames should come from something organic that someone else starts calling you; not something corny like Agent Zero that you come up with to try and look cooler. 

12. Blake Griffin

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    Oh, Blake Griffin—normally he's a pretty adorable guy, but his endorsements are where his corniness factor really starts to shine. 

11. Tim Tebow

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    He's a great player and probably a great guy, but even if it is a completely sincere persona, his overly polite and respectful atittude comes off as a little corny. 

10. Tony Stewart

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    Tony Stewart may not let his corniness show on the race track, but it sure comes out in his endorsement deals.

    This "Ask Tony" ad was so overly cheesy it makes you want to cringe.   

9. Joe Namath

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    Another great and memorable football player who was all over everything at the peak of his career. 

    On top of being almost overly endorsed, Namath has a larger-than-life personality that leads one to think: Was it all a corny act or is that really how he is?

8. Dwight Howard

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    Oh no, did he really come out with a kid-friendly rap album?

    This has got to be one of the corniest moves an athlete has made in a while. The album features Howard singing classic rap songs rewritten with more appropriate lyrics and him doing impersonations of other players and rappers.

    It makes you want to turn it off before it even starts playing.

7. Pacman Jones

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    Here is another player who has made this list because of his corny over-the-top personality and inability to stay out of trouble as well as his nickname, Pacman Jones. 

6. Randy Moss

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    What really landed Moss on this list is his super over-the-top corny bad attitude. When he attributed his bad performances to being unhappy playing for the Raiders, it just made everyone want to roll their eyes.

    Is he really that unhappy and miserable all the time? Or does he just like the attention?  

5. Dan Marino

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    Oh, Dan Marino—almost as well known for his "acting" career and endorsement deals as he was for his amazing football career.

    His cheesy commercials and personality are really what landed him on this list.   

4. Chad Ochocinco

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    He changed his name to match the number on his jersey, enough said. 

3. Terrell Owens

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    T.O. has to be one of the corniest professional athlete personalities around today, and possibly ever.

    Between his reality show on VH1, his theatrics on and off the field, his actions come off as more corny than cool.  

2. Brett Favre

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    I think this selection is self explanatory.

    Between the dramatics he tries to create, and then denies that he does, over his retirement every year and all of the scandal surrounding him, Favre is one of the corniest athletes of all time.  

1. Roy Williams

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    This has to be one of the corniest guys around. Did he seriously think his girlfriend would say yes to an impersonal proposal through the mail?