College Football Week 11: Early Lines and Point Spreads

Mitch WilsonSenior Writer INovember 2, 2008

This week was the week that the home dogs started biting again.

A few weeks ago, we mentioned a few stats which showed everything pretty balanced with the exception of a decided edge to road favorites.

Maybe that number was skewed by the early games, when some of the big schools go on the road for the other side of a 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 series.

The winner of this week's free picking contest was Dave Darby, who correctly picked nine out of 15 games correctly and had a confidence point ranking of 77.

In a rare twist, last week's winner, Kristofer Green, had 10 out of 15 correct, but fell five confidence points short.

Dave wants to give a special thanks and a shout out to the Central Michigan Chippewas for leading him to victory. Dave will receive a gift card of his choosing from one of our wonderful sponsors.

We know the spreads won't be close to what we're looking at now when I send out the entries for this week's weekly free picking contest but the spreads are out.

We have plenty of action, and most of it pretty meaningful as well, spread across five days. So lets see where the odds makers put the lines, as always on Saturday we'll see where they end up.

This week's action kicks off on Tuesday with Buffalo - 7 1/2 Vs. Miami (OH). Buffalo looked good covering last Tuesday, and I was honestly waiting to see the Redhawks as they are normally one of these mid-week teams.

On Wednesday, Northern Illinois is +9 1/2 at undefeated Ball Sate and Toledo is +4 1/2 at Akron. I think that NIU-Ball State game has a chance to be a pretty good one.

On Thursday, TCU is -2 to put an end to Utah's undefeated season; no line has been released for the Virginia Tech-Maryland game. VT plays two Thursdays in a row, as they are at Miami next Thursday.

On Friday, Nevada is +2 at Fresno State. While both of these teams haven't been as good as expected, it should still be a pretty decent game.

As we move into Saturday, Syracuse is +14 at Rutgers. Both of these teams are coming off wins as big underdogs.

Wisconsin is -10 at Indiana. Maybe the Badgers get a lead they don't blow for a change.

Ohio State is -11 1/2 at Northwestern. I guess Buckeye Nation will be invading our fair city this week. If anyone needs advice or help, you know how to reach me.

Purdue is + 9 1/2 at Michigan State. We never know what to expect from the Big Ten from week to week.

Georgia Tech is +4 1/2 at North Carolina. The ACC is still up for grabs.

Illinois is -7 1/2 at Western Michigan.  Both teams are coming off good wins.

Virginia is +3 1/2 at Wake Forest. You never know what to expect from these two from week to week.

NC State is +5 at Duke. The David Cutcliffe show continues.

Oklahoma State is +3 1/2 at Texas Tech. Add a couple of zeros and you may be close to the final score.

Florida is -25 at Vandy. Vandy needs this one, but not sure if they'll get it.

Arkansas is +10 at South Carolina. The Hogs are fresh off of a win against previously unbeaten Tulsa.

Georgia is -11 at Kentucky. The Dawgs given very little time to recover from the whooping they took in Jacksonville.

Bowling Green is -3 at Ohio. Ohio returns to Saturday for the first time in a while.

San Diego State is is +36 1/2 at BYU. The Cougars escaped with a wild win this past weekend.

Utah State is +31 1/2 at Boise State. If TCU wins Thursday, it puts Boise in the driver's seat as far as a BCS game goes.

Oklahoma is -25 at Texas A&M. The Sooners have not been kind to far inferior teams this year.

Army is +10 at Rice. Both of these teams are respectable and Rice is going for their seventh win.

Iowa State is +10 at Colorado. Both of these teams are far removed from these Big 12 wars taking place each week.

Kansas State is +25 1/2 at Missouri. It will be interesting to see how both of these teams rebound from this past week's games.

Clemson is +6 at Florida State. No longer Bowden Vs. Bowden.

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