WWE: Ranking Every Film from Best to Worst

DinoCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2011

WWE: Ranking Every Film from Best to Worst

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    WWE Studios was created in 2002. They have produced and co-produced 13 films. WWE films has a reputation of producing some pretty bad movies. They usually go with action films, but have experimented with comedies recently. Only a few films have been shown in theaters, and have usually failed to live up to expectations.

That's What I Am

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    This is the most recent, and probably the best WWE film ever made. That doesn't say much, but at least the WWE can learn something from this. It features Randy Orton in a minor role. He's basically a homophobic dad. It's set in the 1960s and follows a 12-year-old boy. The movie basically shows the troubles kids go through when they are bullied.

The Rundown

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    The Rundown was made in 2003 and stars The Rock as a bounty hunter. The Rock showed that he could make decent movies in this film. It's a fast-paced, witty, action-comedy. It's not gonna win any awards, but it will please anyone who watches it.

12 Rounds

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    If you think John Cena is SuperMan in the WWE, you should see this film. He plays a cop whose girlfriend is kidnapped and he must go through 12 different challenges to get her back. Basically a rip-off of Die Hard with a Vengeance. But not a bad one.

The Condemned

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    The poster says it all. "10 people will fight. 9 people will die. You get to watch." Stone Cold stars as a death row inmate who gets a shot at winning back his freedom against nine other criminals. This movie won't please any critics, but Stone Cold makes it somewhat enjoyable.

The Scorpion King

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    The Rock's first starring role was a prequel to "The Mummy" series. A movie with a lot of action, and a little bit of romance. Pretty good for WWE's first film. They chose the right guy for it.

The Marine

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    This was John Cena's first movie. I guess the WWE thought John Cena would be like a modern age Rambo. They thought wrong. In this film, John Cena plays a U.S. marine who returns home, and his wife is kidnapped by a criminal. Wait a minute! This is the exact same plot as 12 Rounds! A few witty moments don't help this movie. It's extremely predictable and unbelievable.

Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia

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    This movie featured a former WWE star, Mr. Kennedy...Kennedy. Fortunately, Kennedy does a better job than Cena at playing a soldier. The movie still failed to entertain. It went direct to DVD and Blu-Ray on January 6, 2009. 

The Marine 2

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    Ted DiBiase Jr. is the star in the sequel of The Marine. The movie was supposed to star Randy Orton, but he got injured and was replaced by his "Legacy" member. In this film, DiBiase is a marine recon sniper who must rely on his training to save his wife. What? Again, this plot? I guess they thought the third time would be the charm. Not even close.

Walking Tall

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    A remake of the 1973 film, this time with the Rock and...Johnny Knoxville. Wow. I know The Rock can do better than he did here. He played a decent role, but he let a giant stick do all the talking for him. This movie was a big disappointment.

The Chaperone

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    The WWE experimented with Triple H's acting skills in this movie. He wasn't horrible, but the rest of the movie was dreadful. It's something I would expect to be a Disney Channel Original Movie, not a WWE film. With a couple of failed attempts at making the viewer laugh, this could only entertain someone with a five year education.


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    Legendary was a failed attempt at being a heartfelt drama. This movie is the cure for insomnia. Legendary relies on Danny Glover and Patricia Clarkson to make it a decent film. But Legendary was anything but great. It's boring, predictable, and is one of the worst WWE films ever.


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    The Big Show stars in this movie as a seven foot tall, 500 pound, 35-year-old orphan, with a heart of gold. He must become a fighter to earn money for the orphanage so they don't shut down. That is just terrible. The Big Show is a funny guy on the mic whenever he wants to be, but this movie doesn't show it. The plot is terrible. The movie is neither exciting, nor funny.

See No Evil

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    Introducing the worst WWE Studios film ever. See No Evil, starring Kane. Who could be better cast for a horror movie, right? Wrong. Its gruesome, bloody, violent, and not at all scary. It's too predictable, and not original at all. Top it off with Kane's bad acting, and you get the worst WWE film of all time.