MLB Trades: Carlos Beltran and 5 Players Who Could Be Traded

Matt CoanCorrespondent IIJuly 14, 2011

MLB Trades: Carlos Beltran and 5 Players Who Could Be Traded

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    The All-Star break is over, and the next major "holiday" of the baseball season is the July 31 trade deadline.

    Over the next few weeks teams will fall far out of contention to become sellers, and we will see a lot of deals being done.

    There are a couple guys who have little-to-no future with their struggling teams and would be perfect fits on contending teams looking to improve.

    This list will cover those players and players who could very easily be traded by the trade deadline. 

Carlos Quentin

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    Carlos Quentin has been good for the Chicago White Sox this year, and while the Sox are still in the race for the AL Central, moving him could actually make their team better.

    There has been speculation about the Atlanta Braves being interested in Quentin, and the Braves could work out a deal that makes sense for the White Sox.

    Chicago could package Quentin and one of their six starting pitchers not named Jake Peavy or Mark Buehrle for one of the Braves' starting pitchers and prospects.

    This deal makes sense for both parties because the White Sox need a roster spot for prospect Dayan Viciedo and could upgrade their pitching staff.

    The Braves would get an All-Star quality bat and a quality pitcher to add to their rotation.

    This deal seems to make sense for both teams and could very well happen.

Francisco Liriano

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    Francisco Liriano is having a decent season for the Minnesota Twins, and if the Twins decide to become sellers, he could be on the move.

    Minnesota is still in their division race, but they are slipping and are seven games under .500.

    Teams are always looking to upgrade in the starting pitching department, and teams that are trying to make a push for the playoffs near the end of the season would be very interested in Liriano. He is under contract through next year, so any team trading for him would be upgrading their team for more then just a few months.

    As far as teams that could be interested, the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals are good fits if they got the right deal together.

Jose Reyes

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    The New York Mets have already hinted at becoming sellers by moving Francisco Rodriguez, and Jose Reyes could be next.

    Reyes is having an amazing season and hitting the ball as well as he ever has before.

    He is also in a contract year, so if the Mets don't have any plans for the shortstop in their future, they should move him and get a king's ransom for him in return.

    A team looking to add Reyes would need to give up a ton to get him, but it would be worth it.

    Reyes is the type of player who, if healthy, could push a team over the top and not only get them a division title, but a World Series title.

    The San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers are both great fits for the shortstop, but the best fit would be with the Milwaukee Brewers. 

    Reyes could turn Milwaukee into a World Series contender, and since they may lose Prince Fielder next season, they need to go for it all this year.

Aramis Ramirez

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    Aramis Ramirez is quietly having an All-Star-caliber season for the disappointing Chicago Cubs.

    Ramirez is a great power hitter and would be a huge addition to the middle of a lineup on a contending team.

    Speculation has it the New York Yankees are interested in Ramirez since the injury of Alex Rodriguez, and it would be a move that makes sense.

    Ramirez could be plugged into the lineup for A-Rod and help the Yankees not lose too much ground on the Boston Red Sox in the division race.

    Other fits for Ramirez include the Atlanta Braves and Detroit Tigers, but at the end of the day, Ramirez has the choice of leaving the Cubs. His no-trade clause gives him the right to stay in Chicago, and that's what will most likely happen.

Carlos Beltran

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    Carlos Beltran is a perfect "rental player" and would be perfect for the San Francisco Giants.

    The Giants are in dire need of offense if they are going to repeat as world champions, and offense is exactly what Beltran could provide.

    San Francisco would need to make room in their outfield if they brought Beltran in, but that could be done in the deal. Beltran to the Giants would seal that division race and put San Fran in perfect position to get back to the World Series.

    If the Giants are going to get past the Philadelphia Phillies, they are going to need offense, and Beltran will bring that.