WWE: 10 Actresses Who'd Be Amazing Divas

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIJuly 14, 2011

WWE: 10 Actresses Who'd Be Amazing Divas

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    It's hump day!

    Middle of the week and just a few days away from the second edition of Money In The Bank pay-per-view.

    Time to take a load off from all the speculation and predictions and enter "Dream Land" once again.

    Everybody should know by now how much I support the Divas division and its phenomenal talent.

    It pained me to see Melina "job" to champion Kelly Kelly this past Monday. I just couldn't believe how low my paparazzi princess has fallen.

    What next?

    Beth Phoenix loses to the Bellas or A.J? Do NOT insult me!

    Since we are a little short on some GLAM right now, I figured I would take a trip down to Hollywood and New York to pick up some chicks and bring them to WWE in order to spice things up.

    Alright, so I didn't really do that...and on a side note, Kelly Kelly makes a fine addition to the champions list.

    There are so many beautiful actresses around the world, I don't know them all but I did pick a few I would personally love to see on TV every week or so.

    Oh! Just flip the page and take a look now will ya!?

Michelle Rodriguez: Latino Heat Wave on the Way

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    This Latin bombshell has recently been featured in the mega-hit "Fast Five" with none other than "The Great One" himself, Dwayne Johnson.

    I love the way she kicks butt in so many of her films like Resident Evil or even Avatar for example. 

    For some reason, I'd compare her to Lita and would be very happy if she came in and thrashed the Bellas here and there.

    Imagine Michelle Rodriguez doing a "Moonsault" from the top rope. The Slam of the week right there!

    She was also featured in "Machete" so I don't think I'd want to piss her off or else some of my "parts" might end up Bobbitted.


Lucy Lawless: Her Voice Packs as Much Punch as Her Fists

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    Yes, that is Xena: Warrior Princess.

    The magnificent Lucy hails from New Zealand and has an amazing voice. She is actually a blond in real life, and her latest album is entitled "Come to Mama"...Ok, no problem!

    During her run as "Xena" she portrayed a ravishing yet deadly warrior on a quest for redemption and by her side was always the lovely Gabrielle, played by Renee O'Connor, who we often though could have been her lover.

    There was even a time when she was in the running to play Wonder Woman but the plans for the feature film were scrapped.

    Too bad.

    This sensual woman with an attitude would fit right in WWE, accent and all.

    I would like her to be a bad girl. She's been a heroine for so long and has shown us many times how well she played an evil killer.

    Why not a "heel" Diva?

Angelina Jolie

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    OMG! It's Lara Croft!!

    On my list there are two picks that would more than double the ratings every week if they appeared on RAW and SmackDown.

    The first is Angelina Jolie.

    With all her philanthropy and baby-raising, it's hard to imagine her living with the awful WWE road schedule.

    But what a Diva she would make. If Lay-Cool was still around, here's one that would never have taken their abuse.

    Like her of not, it is very difficult not to see her natural beauty and talent.

    I think she has class.

    She changed her image from bad girl to beloved mother and Icon.

    Not only is she one of the most powerful women in Hollywood, she has the man that most women can only dream of, Brad Pitt.

    I'd rather watch her in the ring than Jack Thwagger.

Lucy Liu

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    We need more Asian sensations in WWE and this one is my pick to come in an help out Gail Kim, who has never been given her chance since her return.

    I knew her from Charlie's Angels and her television roles, but I fell in love when I watched her wield a katana as "O-Ren Ishii" in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

    Who would have expected that from her right? When you think about it, she makes a great action film actress.

    Not only that, she and Batista are to star in the movie "The Man with the Iron Fist" this coming December, another action-packed flick.

    She has also lent out her voice for cartoons like "Kung Fu Panda" so I could see her either as a "face" or "heel."

    Either way, having her on the roster would definitely spice thing up. She is quite the athlete too. It would be a refreshing change from all the models. 

Her Name Is Queen Latifah

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    Queen Latifah is an amazing actress and singer.

    Since Kharma took time away from the ring to become a mother, I say get another beautiful woman with an attitude.

    I don't think I ever saw her fight but for some reason, her movie roles convinced me she could pull off almost anything.

    Don't worry, if you're good to mama, mama is good to you. The anonymous RAW General Manager has to be Queen Latifah!

    She could play the role so well. Even if you'd piss her off, she'd smile at you and say: "OK, don't worry, it's fine" and then...you get booked in a three on one match with YOUR title on the line.

    I told you not to cross her.

    I'm even more convinced she would be great as a GM or maybe even a color commentator, something with a microphone. 

Kelly LeBrock: A Teenage Dream

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    The woman in red!!

    I had just seen the movie "Weird Science" recently and thought about her about the same time I did my researched for this article.

    Coincidence? No, fate!

    She was one of the hottest, most veluptuous and sensual women I could think of in the 80s.

    The woman had to be on this list PLUS with that British accent of hers, she'd romance pretty much any WWE Superstar.

    I'd love it if she worked an angle with John Cena, and we discover she is the kryptonite we always looked for.

    She didn't have the most amazing career but she did leave her mark.

    Not only that, I have mentioned many times French-Canadian women are the most beautiful right?

    She is!

    The perfect blend of French-Canadian (father), American (born in NYC) and Irish (mother) and raised in London, UK.

    Maryse and Kelly, two French-speaking Divas in WWE, my TV would explode! 

Courteny Love: She and PG Are on the Outs

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    The controversial figure herself could be the WWE's version of OBD.

    I never liked her as a singer. Never understood why Kurt Cobain fell for her charms.

    I also never had the taste for drugs and alcohol like she did but you know what? She is an incredible actress.

    Just watch "The People vs. Larry Flint" from 1996 and see for yourselves. She played her role so well they even gave her a Golden Globe nomination.

    The sad part in all of this is, all her talent seems overshadowed by controversy. She has a lot of talent and a child too, you'd think she'd try harder for Frances right?

    Despite all her flaws, she has tons of merit and having her in WWE could be a way for her to kick butt and also deliver a message to young kids about smoking and taking drugs.

    Wouldn't it be the greatest scene in the world if some hot-shot Diva called her something nasty and she'd respond by decking her?

    Must-See TV!

Jada Pinkett Smith

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    She needs to come to WWE NOW!

    I love this woman. Always have, always will.

    What is there not to love about her? 

    She's a pretty good actress, a superb-looking woman, a devoted mother and wife to Will Smith.

    Jada is also part of a band called "Wicked Wisdom" where she is the lead singer and even opened for Britney Spears' "Onyx Hotel World Tour" in 2004. Imagine that.

    I believe her to be very inspirational, taking part in many charities. However, she still has an edgy attitude, and that's why I'd want her in the WWE.

    She has a great image and for the Divas, that could not come at a better time. Having her on the roster would certainly turn things around.

    No more crap!

Freida Pinto: Worth a Million

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    What is it about Indian women? They are so damned beautiful.

    I bet it's in the eyes...or...the black hair.

    Freida Pinto is famous for her role as "Latika" in Slumdog Millionaire.

    A woman worth dying for. It's no wonder, look at her, such a perfect beauty, never mind the photo shop!

    There have not been any Indian Divas I believe. 

    We also have that whole Jinder Mahal-Great Khali "thing" going...maybe she is Khali and Ranjin' sister?

    At 26, she fits right in too.

    I could see Jinder Mahal playing the abusive husband/bully role and eventually all three "Singh' siblings could unite and take him down.

    Being multicultural is a great path for WWE to follow and Indian women are splendid.

    Get HER Vince...right away before she finds something else to do.

Madonna: Often Imitated but Never Duplicated

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    Was there any wonder as to why I'd pick her?

    She is the other one who would make RAW and SmackDown the most watched television shows every week.

    You doubt me? Really?

    Tell that to the most successful female recording artist of all time. Not only is she that and a Golden Globe winner, she also holds the record for the highest-grossing world tour by a solo artist with her "Sticky and Sweet Tour" in 2008-2009.

    It was a great show, I was there!

    There is not enough time or space to explain all the reasons why I'd want her in WWE and why it would be the best thing ever.

    Forget The Rock...WWE snatched Madonna! News heard around the world.

    The woman would just simply turn things around in a flash. No more nonsense, no more slacking off and no more botches!

    She is a perfectionist and the company needs that more than ever right now.

    Randy Orton, John Cena and their "Diva" attitude would be seriously humbled by her magnificence.

    For the record, her accomplishments speak for themselves when I talk about her but it is also an Italian thing.

    This Golden Globe winner for best actress in 1997 is my favorite artist and my entire family's as well.


    Look at her up there, sitting on her throne...it is the rightful place for the Queen of Pop. 

A Different Kind of WWE

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    Well...like I said, there are so many actresses out there I could hardly put them all in here.

    What do you think about all these lasses everyone?

    Does Julia Roberts fit in WWE? Should we have the Alien-killing Sigourney Weaver as the RAW GM?

    If you go with the ALL-TIME legends, dead or alive, what roles could Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor play?

    I want to hear who YOU would have picked to fill the spectacular shoes of OUR WWE Divas.

    Remember, they are smart, sexy, powerful AND glamorous, so no Jersey Shore chicks!