NBA Rumors: Baron Davis and 5 Players Who Need the Lockout

Nigel Broadnax@@BroadnaxWritesCorrespondent IJuly 14, 2011

NBA Rumors: Baron Davis and 5 Players Who Need the Lockout

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    There appears to be virtually no good that can come from the NBA lockout. Transactions can't be made, games will be missed, and has become a lot more shallow. There is no end in sight, either.

    But despite all of the negative effects of the lockout, some players could find some value in having a shortened season. Here are five of them.

Baron Davis

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    Baron Davis seems to be on his way to irrelevancy. He's getting older and he is frequently out of shape. With the Cleveland Cavaliers drafting Kyrie Irving last month, all signs point to him taking over the point guard spot from here on out.

    However, the work stoppage could eliminate training camp. Obviously starting a rookie out of the gate with no pre-practices with the team, is very risky. And I'm sure Byron Scott would not be willing to try that. This way Baron Davis will buy some more time as a NBA starter.

Greg Oden

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    Greg Oden's four year struggle with knee injuries is no secret. He has played in just 82 games in that span. This past season, he didn't play at all as he recovered from his most recent surgery.

    Having a shorter 2011-12 season will allow him a few more months to stay off of his knees as they get healthier. This will limit the urgency to return, and perhaps begin Oden's road to being a steady player in this league.

Derrick Rose

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    Derrick Rose admitted recently that he was fatigued in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat. Had he been just a tad more rested, and his teammates a little more offensively independent, the Chicago Bulls may have put up a better fight against Miami.

    Rose's exhaustion probably came from the number of games catching up to him. All season long he carried a huge load on the court, was always in motion at hyper speed, and logged over 37 minutes per game. Through all that, he never seemed to be phased by it until the very end.

    A shorter season would essentially provide a sprint rather than a marathon, which he seems to thrive in. The change could result in the Bulls going further in the playoffs.

Dwyane Wade

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    Much like Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade has a tiresome style of play. The Finals required maximum effort from him. It wasn't until the tail end of the series that he appeared worn out. Even with all the wear and tear he collects from November on, the finish is what seemed to get to him.

    A minimized season will allow him be more rested when it really matters in the post season. The back-to-back-to-backs shouldn't be to detrimental to his play.

Michael Beasley

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    The Minnesota Timberwolves drafted Derrick Williams who plays the same position as Michael Beasley. This could result in Beasley's minutes decreasing slightly or perhaps threaten his starting job even.

    On the other hand, if training camp is disguarded then Williams will probably spend the season learning the ropes rather than being a key player for the Wolves. This would leave Beasley safe from any altering of his current role with the team.