Daily Haze: 2011 NFL Bye Weeks

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Daily Haze: 2011 NFL Bye Weeks

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Barring a change to the NFL’s regular season schedule (fingers crossed), the following is the bye week schedule for the 2011 NFL season:

Week 5
Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington

Week 6
Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee

Week 7
Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, New York Giants, Philadelphia, San Francisco

Week 8
Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, New York Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay

Week 9
Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota

Week 10

Week 11
Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh

Strange that there is a bye week from the bye weeks in the middle of the bye weeks (week 10), no? It struck me as odd.

Nevertheless, this is important info to arm yourself with heading into your fantasy draft. I always have a copy of the bye weeks in my draft folder, just to keep track of my roster.

But that is not to say I use it necessarily to make draft picks, because I do not. Always, always take the better player — never let bye weeks decide your roster. You can adjust for bye weeks during the regular season using the waiver wire or through trades.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • More on my approach to bye weeks: Forget about them in the early rounds, consider them in the later rounds. Never make a decision to take a lesser player because of a bye week conflict. It’s not for everybody, so here is an alternate bye week strategy. [Fantasy Douche]
  • It seems the running-back-handcuffing strategy fad has lost favor in recent seasons, mainly because of the vast amount of running backs available now in the NFL due to RBBCs. But if you are going to do some handcuffing, make sure it is one of these top five fantasy football handcuffs. [Fantasy Knuckleheads]
  • Taking a look at the average draft positions of Shonn Greene, Matthew Stafford and Kenny Britt. I think Greene is going to be a huge steal this season, I love Stafford still and I want no part of the Tennessee passing game. [RotoProfessor]
  • Ranking the rookie running backs heading into the season. Some of these guys, like Daniel Thomas, will see their values change once free agency hits. With rookies, buyer beware: Remember Ryan Mathews last year? [National Football Post]

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