My Thoughts and Opinions at Week 10

David HedlindAnalyst IINovember 28, 2016

One Loss or Not, Florida is Playing the Best Football Right Now

Yes, I know they lost to unranked Mississippi. Yes, I know there are other teams out there that are undefeated, but they haven't played as well as Florida.

It’s one thing to beat ranked teams, but it is another to beat them in the fashion Florida has done it, not to mention the beating they have given unranked teams.


Easy Schedule and a High Ranking

People questioned if Texas Tech was for real with what was viewed as an easy schedule that got them high in the rankings.

They proved, at least for now, they very well could be the real deal. They held on long enough to beat No. 1 Texas and moved to 9-0 and No. 2 in the AP poll.


Crabtree Game Winner: The Catch of the Year

I hope every either saw this or caught replay, highlight, or just YouTube it. Crabtree not only made a great catch but also showed his amazing talent to break the tackle, stay inbounds and tightrope the sideline.

To see it play live was great, and even though I am not a Texas Tech fan, I still threw my arms up to signal touchdown when he crossed the goal line.


SEC Coaching Openings

Anyone interested? I think it is pretty safe to say that Tennessee and Auburn will be looking for new coaches pretty soon.

I know it sounds a little crazy that with one bad season this could be the case, but these are beyond your normal down seasons for these programs.

The expectations for coaches at these institutions are a bit higher than normal and right now, they aren’t being met.


Big 10 Great Finishes

Michigan State's come-from-behind, game-winning field goal to get by Wisconsin was a great way to end the game. The Spartans are now 8-2 and in second place in the Big 10.

An even better finish was the end of the Northwestern at Minnesota game. With the game tied, Minnesota had the ball when the pass was deflected by the receiver, off a defender, and into the hands of another Northwestern player, who then ran the interception in for the game-winning touchdown.


The Sorry State of Washington

We all knew the two teams were bad but this weekend took them to a new level. Both Washington and Washington State were shut out on Saturday.

North Texas won, leaving the University of Washington as the only Division I-A school without a win. Washington State hasn’t scored since the second quarter of their Oregon State loss. That was three games ago, for 10 scoreless quarters.



It doesn’t even make sense. Both divisions are a mess. You have to play the big “What If” game to figure out who leads and who still has a chance at the conference championship game.

Looking at the standings…I still don’t get it.


Tulsa Out

Tulsa fell from the ranks of the unbeaten, non-BCS teams, in their first and only game against a team from a BCS conference, Arkansas from the SEC.

They weren’t in the best position to make a BCS game though, as Utah, Boise State, Ball State, BYU and TCU were all ranked ahead of them. Now it is a certainty that they will not make a BCS bowl.