Where Are They? Superstars Who are M.I.A.

Dominic CopingContributor INovember 2, 2008

If there is one aspect to pro-wrestling I’m not fond of, it has to be superstars that are healthy not being used.  Both the WWE and TNA are good at this. WWE more so than TNA, but nonetheless it’s being done in both. So this article is basically my opinions on some absent superstars that I believe should be on TV and contributing to the industry.

First off, where’s Elijah Burke? Vince McMahon proclaimed him as the future of ECW, but unfortunately that didn’t happen for him.  I believe that he is a great talent both in ring and on the microphone. I definitely think ECW or the WWE as a whole could benefit from having him on TV.

Staying on ECW, where is Armando Estrada? He spent all that time trying to win an ECW contract and then he just falls from the show. Estrada is extremely talented on the mic and has a good look to eventually become a top star.  

Now on to Smackdown. Where is Mr. Kennedy? Yes, it’s no secret that the Green Bay native had dislocated his shoulder which put him on the shelf, but he’s extremely talented on the mic. How come he can’t get some air time during his injury like Randy Orton?

Finally, there’s Raw. Where is Chuck Palumbo? He was drafted to Raw, but hasn’t been used since. There are statements saying he was released from his contract, but he is still listed on WWE.com. On top of having one of the best right hands in the business, he is a nice size wrestler and I believe they could use him in the heel role on Raw.

If not him then they could use Snitsky, who shows up every once in awhile but not in a positive light. He is usually seen jobbing to somebody, or used as some sort of henchman. 

Other guys missing from action on Raw are Paul London and D’Lo Brown. Both of whom are capable of putting on a good match whenever they step into the ring, but for some reason don’t get many chances.

Maybe not all of the above mentioned could contribute to their shows in a major way, but I just think that if they have them under contract then they should be getting their money’s worth out of the superstars. Especially if they’re talented like Elijah Burke and Mr. Kennedy.