Have The Revolutions Last Few Years Been a Dynasty?

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 2, 2008

The Revolution have been to three straight MLS Finals and six straight MLS Conference Finals. They have yet to win the championship, but they have tasted it. They have sipped at the winners drink over and over, but have never had a full glass.

When a team normally wins multiple championships in a row, it is called a 'dynasty'. You see this in every sport, from the Patriots to the old Yankees to the old Celtics to the old 49ers. The list can go on for days of these great dynasties, but what if they don't win?

Can a team be called a dynasty if it gets close to a championship every year, but never wins? Getting to the Final Four six years in a row is remarkable for any team. Not being No. 1 in any of those seasons? That's just plain bad luck.   

They have had the players. From Twellman to Dempsey to Reis, the Revs have had super stars shine on their field. They have had great seasons, records ranging from 17-7-8 to 14-8-8. Still, there has been no Championship.

Who has been to blame? In the past it was LA Galaxy, in the present it has been Houston Dynamo. Clearly, it hasn't been Chicago. 

As another Revolution playoff begins, we must think to ourselves how long this will last. We must think, is this a curse or a dynasty?