Ravens-Browns: Quick Thoughts

ExtremeRavens .comCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

Well now… that was one doozy of a game.

The Ravens scored early, faltered often, scored late and somehow pulled out a win—even if it wasn’t the strongest, most convincing victory in recent memory.

Here are some quick thoughts coming out of the game:

Game Ball: Offensive game ball goes to Ray Rice. 150 yards on 21 carries, including a huge run late in the game to setup the go-ahead score. Rice was strong throughout the game, even when it appeared the offense was having issues. He ran straight at blockers and only made moves when he had to. And boy, those moves were pretty. Standing in for Willis McGahee, you can’t say enough about Rice’s performance as a rookie.

Honorable Mention: Mark Clayton, welcome to the 2008 Baltimore Ravens offense. We’ve been waiting years to see this guy contribute in the way he did today. Cam Cameron and the Ravens finally seemed to figure out how to use Clayton in this offense: send him down field and challenge defensive backs to catch him. Sending Clayton downfield opened up the offense in other ways too, drawing linebackers out of the box and asking safeties to cheat. Read more here.