Gross, But Good Enough: Chicago Bears Rally 27-23 Behind Rex Grossman

Ricky ButtsCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

Watching the Chicago defense try to stop young Lions QB Dan Orlovsky in the first half, was gross.

Seeing Devin Hester fumble a KR, was gross.

Seeing Kyle Orton's ankle twisted under a defender, was gross.

The realization of knowing who would be entering the game in the second half, was gross.

A 27-23 victory in comeback fashion, isn't gross, it is beautiful.

The offense was not playing extremely well in the first half, but they didn't necessarily look bad. Orton was 8-14 for 108 yards with zero touchdowns or interceptions. The running game was solid, but Forte waited 'til he was really needed to turn it on in the second half.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Bears looked terrible. Dan Orlovsky picked them apart, outside of his first possession INT. That interception may not have happened if the two teams would have been prepared for the surprisingly messy field. The first half saw at least a half dozen play outcomes change due to players slipping.

I am not one to hate on Grossman. I have wanted to see the guy do well, but every time he comes into the game, I can't help but get worried. He is the true definition of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde quarterback if there has ever been one. At times, he looks like one of the elite in the league, at other times, he looks like he should be playing in junior college.

Today was no different. He threw for only 58 yards on 9-19 passing (two of those completions were quick outs, one to Hester and one to Olsen, that netted -6 yards), with one touchdown and one interception. On the other hand, while he looked gross, he made a few plays when needed.

His quest in bringing Chicago back was helped immensely by rookie running back Matt Forte. Forte turned it up a notch in the second half and most notably the drive that led them to victory. On that drive, he rushed for 40 of the 55 yards the Bears drove. For the game, he had a 5.7 average on 22 carries for 126 yards.

The other factor that helped Grossman complete his comeback was that the Bears' defense shut down Detroit in the second half, after giving up 23 in the first half. It was very important for them to do this, especially on the drive after the Grossman interception.

If the Bears would have lost this game because of Rex, and Kyle Orton's injury keeps him out for next week, the team's confidence could have been shattered.

Not that the Bears didn't know, but they were reminded that they are one of the lucky teams in the NFL. They have and can win behind either of their quarterbacks. Though, I am sure the team and most fans are praying that the Orton injury isn't too serious.