Felipe Massa: Showing True Honour In Defeat

Mike WilkinsCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

Firstly let me apologise for the brevity of this article. It's just something that struck a chord within me having just watched that amazing race, and I just had to say it.

I have not been particularly supportive of Felipe over the year, and have never really warmed to him. I have never really rated him as anything more than a fast journeyman.

Until now that is.

The attitude and strength that he showed after missing out on the sport's greatest prize was nothing short of amazing.

This guy has just lost the WDC on the last corner of the last race, and he's out in front of his fans, thanking them, applauding them and his team, banging his heart and Ferrari badge whilst pointing to the crowd, and again on the rostrum, walking to the front for his fans.

At this moment he must have be heartbroken, and yet he wiped away the tears and showed what a decent and honourable bloke he is.

It was uplifting and heartwarming for me. Felipe Massa has a new fan. What a big heart this little guy has.