NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Scenarios Where Carson Palmer Regrets Leaving Bengals

Kraig LundbergAnalyst IIIJuly 13, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Scenarios Where Carson Palmer Regrets Leaving Bengals

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    Ever since news broke that Carson Palmer wanted to be traded away from the Cincinnati Bengals and would retire if he wasn't, speculation about where he may end up has been a frequent topic of conversation.

    But frankly, there aren't a lot of good options for the veteran quarterback.

    Rumors of the former USC star rejoining Pete Carroll in Seattle have repeatedly jumped up in NFL conversations. But as much sense as that might make, Palmer still may not end up with the Seahawks.

    If the Bengals end up wanting more than 2012 fifth and third-round draft picks for Palmer, which were the rumored stipulations according to the aforementioned report, Seattle may decide to stick with Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst at quarterback.

    Even if Palmer does head to the Seahawks, it may not be as good an option as is widely believed.

    Here are five scenarios that could prove to be even worse situations for Palmer and might have the disgruntled Bengal wishing he was back in Cincinnati.

Carolina Panthers

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    In all probability, the Carolina Panthers will either start Cam Newton from day one or bring in a veteran via free agency to fill in while the No. 1 pick develops his raw game.

    I never understood why the Panthers and many others considered Jimmy Clausen a bust after just one season, but that's a conversation for another day.

    Anyway, by the small chance Carolina doesn't find a solid veteran quarterback via free agency, it's possible they would try to trade for Palmer if they could somehow obtain him for relatively low draft picks.

    After all, it's hard to imagine Newton being ready to start as a rookie, and the thought of having a solid veteran to carry the team in the meantime has to be a very comforting thought for everyone involved.

    Obviously this is all but impossible considering there are many teams that would likely give more for Palmer. But for as little as Clausen and Matt Moore had to work with last season, you have to think Palmer would like the looks of Cincinnati after a few weeks in a Panthers uniform. 

Washington Redskins

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    Frankly, I can't think of a much worse situation for Carson Palmer to be in than playing for the Washington Redskins.

    Heck, just look what it did to Donovan McNabb.

    Okay, so that probably has more to do with McNabb aging and going downhill. But you can't argue that outside of Santana Moss, Washington has very little to work with offensively. If the Redskins lose Moss to free agency, that leaves them with no proven receivers or running backs on the team. 

    Because of that very reason, though, owner Daniel Snyder might be willing to offer some better draft picks than others to obtain Palmer's services, making it a halfway legitimate possibility.

    Snyder doesn't exactly have a sterling reputation, though. Other than coach Mike Shanahan and tight end Chris Cooley, I see no positives for Palmer in D.C. 

Buffalo Bills

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    An argument could be made that Buffalo would actually be a good place for Palmer to end up. The Bills have a pretty good receiver duo in Steve Johnson and Lee Evans, and a good pass-catching running back in C.J. Spiller.

    However, the Bills have been toiling in mediocrity for several seasons now, and they can't seem to get back on their feet no matter what they do.

    Palmer could potentially have some success in a system with a few good weapons, but the Bills have no outstanding linemen and may not be able to win with a quarterback who can't do it all anymore.

    Also, Evans had a down season last year, and Johnson has had only one good season himself. If Johnson ends up being a one-year wonder and Evans continues to go downhill, that suddenly leaves Palmer with no one to throw to other than Spiller.

    Who knows? Maybe Palmer is the missing link who will guide Buffalo to winning ways. Unfortunately, I don't see them being relevant during his remaining time in the league. If he ends up with the Bills, Palmer may long for the good ol' days in Cincy.  

Seattle Seahawks

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    One of the biggest rumors surrounding the NFL, Carson Palmer to the Seattle Seahawks would seemingly make sense on many levels.

    Seattle head coach Pete Carroll coached Palmer back in his days at Southern Cal, so the two would be reunited. On top of that, fellow USC alum Mike Williams, who resurrected his career in Seattle, would be Palmer's main target.

    However, this could end up being a negative situation for Palmer for a few reasons.

    First, outside of Williams, Seattle doesn't have much at receiver. Running backs Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington are nice, but Lynch has been inconsistent throughout his career, and Washington hasn't made a big impact anywhere but as a kick returner.

    Second, Palmer might end up in a quarterback controversy, even though Matt Hasselbeck wouldn't be with the team. The Seahawks would still have Charlie Whitehurst, someone who Seattle has expressed confidence in before.

    Finally, a move from Cincinnati to Seattle would be a very long way. While that wouldn't normally be hard on a multimillionaire, his very young family may be under distress from such a drastic change. That's obviously pure speculation, but the distance can't be a good thing.

    No matter what, the negatives could potentially outweigh the positives a move to Seattle would bring Palmer. 

Out of Football

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    Carson Palmer clearly stated that if Cincinnati decides not to trade him, he will seriously consider retiring. 

    If that ended up being the case, it might not be all bad for Palmer.

    After claiming he has $80 million in the bank, Palmer would be able to afford spending a lot of time doing fun things with his family as long as he was smart in how he managed his money (a lot of NFL players don't know the second thing about a budget).

    This could be a very fulfilling experience for a guy who normally would be too busy to spend much time with his wife and kids.

    With that being said, if Palmer doesn't have a serious hobby, retirement might get old really fast. While I know little about Palmer's personal life, it's likely he can't imagine life without football.

    If that's the case, he might wish he was throwing touchdown passes to stud rookie A.J. Green after all.