NHL Free Agents 2011: 5 Reasons the Philadelphia Flyers Need Steven Stamkos

Eric CaspersonCorrespondent IIJuly 13, 2011

NHL Free Agents 2011: 5 Reasons the Philadelphia Flyers Need Steven Stamkos

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    So far, the 2011 NHL offseason has been just as exciting as the Stanley Cup Playoffs with some big name trades and all-star caliber acquisitions.

    OK, well maybe not that exciting. The best is yet to even come though. Even after Brad Richard's signing and the Flyers unloading of their two leaders, there is still one name that sticks out in every team's mind.

    Steven Stamkos. Stamkos is a restricted free agent this summer and has had plenty of rumors swirl around his name and his whereabouts for next season. Tampa Bay knows that they cannot lose their young franchise player, but rumors keep coming up saying that Toronto and Philadelphia are still in the running.

    If I was Paul Holmgren, I would jump on this opportunity. Here are five reasons why the Flyers should steal Stamkos off the market.

The Flyers Are Building for the Future

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    Now do not get me wrong. The Flyers, as a team, have put themselves in a position to win right away. However, with the recent moves, GM Paul Holmgren is obviously looking more "down the line."

    The Flyers are plenty capable of winning now, but it is obvious that Holmgren wants to win for plenty more years to come. Steven Stamkos would be the perfect piece to the ever-changing Flyers puzzle.

    He is only 21-years old and would add to the youth movement put in place by James van Riemsdyk and Claude Giroux last year.


The Flyers Have Been Looking for a Scorer Since God Knows When

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    Ever since I can remember, my buddies and I have always been saying, "If only the Flyers could get a stone cold, night in and night, out scorer."

    Steven Stamkos is that type of scorer. His skills with the puck in his hands are second to none. Since coming into the league as a rookie at just 18-years old, Stamkos has put up eye -popping numbers. He already has 119 goals under his belt.

The Flyers Need a Scoring Replacement for Jeff Carter

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    The last slide was a good lede into this one. We all know how good Steven Stamkos is as a scorer.

    The Flyers need him though because of what they already lost this offseason, which was a scorer and a playmaker. I know James van Riemsdyk had a great postseason, but I do not see him putting up 40-50 goals like Jeff Carter would.

    Now with Carter off the team, the Flyers desperately need a new go-to-guy.

The Flyers Need a C

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    Jump on over to the current Flyers depth chart.

    Line 1: Claude Giroux

    Line 2: Max Talbot

    Line 3: Brayden Schenn

    Line 4: Blair Betts

    Next slide please.

Stamkos Will Get the Flyers a Stanley Cup

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    I believe that getting a true No. 1 goaltender solves only half of the Flyers' problem for the past couple of seasons.

    The other half was scoring in the playoffs.

    When it came down to the best of the best, the Flyers struggled to put the puck in the net. Last year, they barely made it out of the first round because they could not solve Ryan Miller. Then they just got manhandled by Tim Thomas.

    Steven Stamkos would be just another threat (a big one, I might add) and perhaps the final piece to the Flyers' jigsaw puzzle.