Missouri-Baylor Football: Tigers Barely Edge Bears in Waco

Peter FleischerSenior Writer INovember 2, 2008

In what had to be their ugliest win of the season, the Missouri Tigers barely squeaked out a 31-28 victory against the last place team in the Big 12 South, Baylor. I wasn't able to watch or listen to this game due to a lack of TV coverage and my own lack of a radio, but watching the sports ticker, I was able to get a strictly statistical point of view on the game.

  • It was good that Derrick Washington got a move on the running game, but puzzling that he only had 14 carries. I guess Gary Pinkel and Co. didn't think he could carry the load for the whole game, but if a guy is averaging 6.9 yards per rush, let's get him the rock.
  • Penalities freaking killed both teams. It was disgraceful. Baylor committed two stupid 15-yard penalties at the beginning of the game, and Mizzou committed three throughout the course of the game. It's that kind of crap that can cause a team to get upset.
  • Turnovers have really hurt the Tigers in their losses this season, and almost came back to bite them today. Chase Daniel had two costly picks, including one at the Baylor 8-yard line, and redshirt freshman Devion Moore had a fumble in Baylor territory on his only carry of the game. That fumble will really cost Moore some playing time, as he had been campaigning to get second-string opportunities behind D-Wash. Hopefully the youngster can put it behind him.
  • The Tigers' drive to end the first half was encouraging and showed Chase Daniel's ability to manage the clock somewhat despite a fast-paced offense. The 13-play, 93-yard drive took 4:09 off the clock and left Baylor with just over a minute left in the quarter. Considering the score, that management could have won the Tigers that game.
  • Coming into the game, one huge knock against Baylor was its lack of third-down conversions. The Tigers continued that trend pretty well, limiting their opponent to only five of 13 successful attempts, but WHAT THE HELL WAS WITH THE FOURTH DOWN CONVERSIONS? It was like nothing for Art Briles to go for it on fourth down. The Bears went 4-of-4 on the day, including a 4th-and-13 in the third quarter. The Tigers should be embarrassed.
  • It was fun to see Tommy Saunders have a monster day. The senior had 137 total yards and a touchdown. With Jeremy Maclin having an off-day of sorts, Saunders showed leadership when it mattered.
  • Thank God for Brock Christopher. His interception saved the day for Missouri. End of story.