Anderson Varejao: The Biggest Joke in The NBA

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent INovember 2, 2008

I thought the NBA got rid of its last flopper when Vlade Divac decided to retire.

Unfortunately, we have at least one nuisance  left in the league and his name is Anderson Varejao.

He has to be the flimsiest big man in the league. I'm pretty sure Earl Boykins could have put Varejao on his back. This guy is the true definition of a flopper, in every sense of the term.

He'll even get the calls when he's in the restricted area, which is getting pretty ridiculous. The referees need to watch tape of Cleveland games before they officiate them, and they'll see that if somebody even bumps this guy he throws himself down on the court and gets rewarded with a charge.

It would be one thing if he was a good actor and made it look like he got mowed down on the court, but Varejao sends every limb into a spasm like he's doing the wave at a football game. He attracts so much attention but it looks so absurdly fake; I can't believe he gets so many calls in his favor.

I'll be really happy when either one of two things happens.

Varejao decides to pack up his bags and go home to play in a European league and draw all the charges he wants.  At least then we won't have to watch him take all of these bogus charges in NBA arenas.

Or the referees could start calling him for more blocking fouls and start to correct this problem themselves.

If something isn't done, Varejao is going to continue to take cheap flops, get cheap fouls called on the other team, and be remembered as a dirty player.

Cavaliers fans probably worship this guy, to every other team, he's absolutely disgusting.