Maybe Lewis Hamilton Won It Fair and Square

Isuru Wakishta ArachchiCorrespondent INovember 2, 2008

I swear to god I only saw the GP finish & turned away from the TV with agony and began wondering why? I wanted to believe that Glock was offered a seat in McLaren in return to a favor but when I began to think more I realised Glock was slowed down because he did not change his tyres.

Maybe I am wrong, I did not hear any media reports. Nevertheless, congratulations to Hamilton on a well deserved victory!

However, now the whole world knows that Hamilton is no wet weather master and that Kubica was going to be the most beloved character in Britain and missed it by a whisker.

On other breaking news...

Timo Glock was offered a seat in Ferrari and an honorary citizenship in Brazil. He is to dine with Massa to learn about living in Brazil.

Vettel & Kubica has been Knighted by Queen Elizabeth and Timo Glock won the 2008 WDC for Great Britain in Moon of course.  Joke, of course.