2011 MLB All-Star Game: Baseball Should Force Players to Compete

Daniel MorrillCorrespondent IJuly 12, 2011

Derek Jeter was healthy enough to go 5-5 on Saturday, but will sit out the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night.
Derek Jeter was healthy enough to go 5-5 on Saturday, but will sit out the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night.

Its time for MLB to put a stop to players skipping the All-Star Game.

This year 16 players have better things to do than play in the midsummer classic.  Some claim injuries, but were healthy enough to play two days ago.  And some just already have plans.

This should not happen.

It's ridiculous that 84 players were named “All-Stars” this year.  I thought the All-Star game was supposed to showcase the top 25 from each league.  Maybe I missed the memo that said this year’s midsummer classic would honor Jackie Robinson by naming the “top 42.”

Baseball has to put a stop to this.  Football has already passed by America’s pastime, and even through its labor issues, basketball has all but overtaken the century-old game.

The MLB All-Star game has always been a better showcase than the Pro Bowl or NBA All-Star game, but with this year’s lack of deserving players competing, the game will certainly take a hit in terms of views.

Here’s what baseball should do.

MLB should mandate that every new contract signed should include a clause that if a player was selected to the All-Star game, they must compete if healthy.

Baseball should not feel bad in making the players that enjoy all its perks help to promote the game for one night.  Players will continue to sign contracts, and baseball will get its stars to play in its biggest promotion.

As for injuries, maybe baseball should ask for a doctor’s note.  Skipping the All-Star game should be like cutting class.  If you miss it, you have to have a legitimate reason.  If you were healthy enough to play the weekend before the All-Star game, then play in the All-Star game.

The collective bargaining agreement will come off the books after this season, and baseball should look to add this rule to the docket.  Why not?

Pay your dues, boys.  Play in the All-Star game, or baseball should force you too.