Living the Dream: The Story of a Die-Hard Giants Fan

Johnny SheaCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2008

Lawrence Tynes sets up for the 47-yarder.  There's the snap; the hold; the kick...and IT'S GOOD!

The kittens squeal and skitter through the house as Joe, my next door neighbor, bellows a cry of joy, heard by the entire block.

Joe, die-hard Giants fan since the day he was born, is living his dream. His son was recently married and he has won big in Vegas, but none of it is better than this.

"Let's beat the friggin' Patriots!" Joe howls to his brother with an ear-to-ear smile painted on his face.

It is the ultimate dream for Joe: The New York Giants facing the New England Patriots for the championship. You could see the fire and passion in his eyes as he whispered sincerely, "I would do anything to get to the Super Bowl."

He'll be watching the game from home, but we can only hope his dream will come true.

I pray for Joe that the New York Giants will combine the inspiration of their fans and their momentum to defeat the nearly invincible New England Patriots.

Let's go Joe...and the Giants.