Daily Haze: Another Brett Favre Comeback Story

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Daily Haze: Another Brett Favre Comeback Story

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Thank God, football is back!

No, the NFL lockout has not ended. Training camps and preseason football remain on hold. No free agency, no signed draft picks, no trades. Still lawyers and players against owners and CBA mumbo-jumbo.

But when Brett Favre’s name and comeback stories start to surface, you know it must be getting close to football season.

And that is just what we have again this summer, believe it or not. Favre. Comeback. Story.

Stop me if you have heard me say “Stop me if you have heard this before”.

This year’s Favre comeback story started to surface after the NFL Draft. Favre has been linked to Cam Newton, the No. 1 pick of the Carolina Panthers, as a potential mentor. But you and I both know Favre is not the passive mentoring type — he is going to want an active role.

The lockout complicates things, especially for the Panthers. They have two options at quarterback and neither are appealing for this season, especially with a shortened camp and/or preseason. A veteran QB would be ideal. Enter Favre.

For those hoping Favre stays retired, there came some hope yesterday — Favre’s brother and mother say he should stay retired. But until the regular starts without No. 4 behind center somewhere, I do not think we can really close that book.

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